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  1. Help me diagnose this leak

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    The sprocket bolt has a boss under the head that is supposed to mate against the countershaft. The length of that boss is a bit less than the height of the dome washer so that the dome washer gets partly compressed to provide preload to the sprocket and the bushing & o ring behind it. You failed to insert the boss into the hole in the dome washer so the washer is now off center and pinched between the boss and countershaft. You can see by the holes in the sprocket where some are partly covered
  2. RK Tek Head

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    Just the stock head pictures. Hopefully they work now
    mine was actually a tad richer plug a shade darker an the head was my rk tek head last night about 45 minutes later she feels crisp my lodgic is the bikes rich an the head should bring it all together .....7.5 hours , will put 40 miles on tomorrow. if this 20 tpi heads anything like my 17 & 18 carb bikes kelsey did ( im sure it is) then im good to go . stock map no tuner its whats for breakfast!
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  3. 2015 500EXC smoking on start up and sometimes under hard Accel.

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    My riding buddy 350 did the same thing as yours and shows less hrs then yours, his was 130 hrs. I found the 2 intake valve guides worn and replaced them hone the guides and cleaned up the valves in sonic bath, replace all valve seals all good. He bought this bike used which I believe the odometer has been removed or replaced shows it has low hrs. (Rode hard put up wet) Mine had over 34ish hrs no smoke.
  4. Clutch upgrade?

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    An interesting question. I noticed going through my old 640 parts that a 640 sprocket appears to have similar splines to my 525. All I learned on this forum is that some people bought all the remaining shafts and the only way to obtain one is to have them rebuild your engine. At least on your side of the pond. Did you by any chance compare the partnumbers of the countershaft ?
  5. WTB pipe combo for 2018 stock sx 85 or sx 105

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    Would like to find a pipe combo for mx rider. 2018 sx 105 (stock) no fmf thanks 🍺
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