New guy with a 2003 525 exc asks questions

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Hello all, this is my first post here. I used to ride years ago with my sons and now, just for kicks, I purchased an old 2003 525 exc because my oldest purchased a 450 exc and I wanted to relive yesteryear. We took our first ride in the mountains from 3000ft to 8000ft and besides me driving way too slow and thus having to fight that beast instead of letting it take me over the rocks and sand at speed, I made it without going down. However I did have to rest at altitude once cause I'm fat and out of riding shape. Anyway, I thought I'd ask some of you old schoolers about my bike and any tips are appreciated. First, my manual says change the small and large filters along with the oil every 15 hours? Maybe that's if you're racing but that could mean after every 3 day weekend for me... Is that right? Second, what oil would you suggest... synthetic blend... Full synthetic? Third, are there any tips for maintaining this RFS motor that only a rider who's owned and ridden these would suggest? The previous owner redid the forks to his weight which matches mine. The bike has been ridden over the years, probably has 10'000 miles on it as it's set up as a dual sport (not with the original odometer) and finally, at present the bike has a "power bomb" header pipe and he gave me the original two pipe configuration ( I guess the 03 was the only 525 to have this set up), which is better? If I learned one thing in riding, the people who ride a machine are a wealth of real world information so I'm hoping you can season me. Thanks
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