2004 200sx Bogg

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Engine side i.d. of 38.7 mm is a true 39 mm. I just measured a 38 at 37.95 mm and a 36 at 35.99 mm. Seriously, and this applies to the others as well. The JD needles REQUIRE at least 2 steps richer mj than a thin tip needle such as NOZF and the R1469 at least 1 if not 2 steps also. Using a 175 mj is for the 36 mm carb. For a 38 mm go up on the mj at least 2 - 3 sizes and for a 39mm at least 4 from a 36 mm. It's a good thing you guys don't ride hard or LONG on the mj and that's why you're getting away without seizing. Check your reeds or you have other issues that you have to run that lean of a mj at your elevations and size carb!!! Jim is usually a size or 2 rich on the mj for safety because he had seizures to deal with. Don't believe me, do a couple of searches and read what others using the 38 and especially 39 carb are using on their 200's. A 175 mj is sketchy for a 38 mm using JD needles but a 170 mj for a 39 mm is insane no matter what needle. Whoever you bought it from didn't know jetting or was covering up another problem!! There's more to jetting than just the mj!!

What you checked is ROD bearing play NOT right side crankshaft bearing play!!

Jerseydevil so I did what you said and checked the crank and there is zero movement at all. I went back to 190mj r1469g needle 2nd position and started playing with the PV settings. Itís coming around I have it about 90% of where I think it should be I still have a smaller bogg between the needle and wot. I was reading in hear about the power valve control are when it starts to wear out it will show symptoms of what feels like jetting or electrical issues. The guy also stated if you can turn your power valve nut on the right side 1/4 turn and your mark on the left side hasent moved yet thatís a tell tell sign that the control arm is worn. Well I checked mine and I can move it 1/3 to almost half before it moves. Have you had any experience with this situation? Btw I have already ordered the new control arm it should be here in a couple days. Thanks in advance for any comments.
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