300 TPI bogs out and dies when warmed up

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300 TPI bogs out and dies when warmed up -TPI Owners, Please Note for future reference:

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I am hoping to get some suggestions from folk who are knowledgeable about TPI electronics.
Bike is a 2019 Husky 300i with 40 hours on it.
Went to a race yesterday and completed only 5kms before bike started to bog badly at large throttle openings. Eventually it stopped.
It would start right back up and run at small throttle openings and low rpm. But as soon as a bit more wick was applied, it would bog and die.
It was unrideable, so I stopped and spent 5-10 minutes beating the ground and telling the bike what I thought of the situation, during which time the bike cooled down and surprise, surprise, it then ran fine for another few mintues... until it started to get up to full operating temperature and then it had the same problem again, so I called it a day.
Brought it home, experimented this morning and it seems like it runs fine until it gets to about 175f, then it has the bogging problem. Cool the bike down and it's fine until it warms up.
I don't think its a fuel line obstruction as it probably wouldn't be temperature dependent if it were a blockage. I checked the quick connect filter and it's clear.
So, is it a sensor? Fuel pump on the blink if it gets hot? I'm not sure what to do next (take it to the dealer, but if it's something simple I would prefer to avoid it).
I would welcome ideas.
The weird thing is that while it is below 175f, it runs great, even at full throttle. It's perfect. Then it hits that ~175f and everything goes downhill
They cleaned the connection up and now all is fine.They said that anytime they see a TPI with a bad bog, one of the first things they check is ....

It was the air pressure, not a temperature sensor. I was pretty thorough on that one as the problem seemed to be temperature related. But it was the air pressure according to him. I would think that a bad connection to any of the sensors would probably result in bad running and is something one could check. I did, in as much as I ensured they were connected, but with hindsight I should have gone the extra step, as the mechanic did, to actually inspect, test and clean them up.
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