Help me diagnose this leak

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The sprocket bolt has a boss under the head that is supposed to mate against the countershaft. The length of that boss is a bit less than the height of the dome washer so that the dome washer gets partly compressed to provide preload to the sprocket and the bushing & o ring behind it. You failed to insert the boss into the hole in the dome washer so the washer is now off center and pinched between the boss and countershaft. You can see by the holes in the sprocket where some are partly covered by the washer and others are not. As a result you do not have the correct compression on the o ring which may be the cause of the leak. Also you have flattened the washer now so I suggest you get a new one. Or recup it between two sockets in a vice. Without correct preload of the dome washer you will accelerate wear of your countershaft which is no longer available from the dealer and hard to come by. Good news is it's a 10 min job.
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