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Age is only a number..

Added by VintageSpeedy
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‹‹Age is only a number..   Age is only a number..  Age is only a number..  100mm bore cylinder   WP USD 48 service››
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Description by VintageSpeedy


Picture from ISDT 1962 Germany

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  1. #1 VintageSpeedy
    Re: Age is only a number..
    You may ask," Why would you race Vintage Zuendapps " and not Vintage KTM,s?Before my KTM Import and Dealership in CANADA , I sold (and raced) in the early 70s, a lot of Zuendapps in Canada.Fare more then KTMs ( which where PENTONS at that time.)I had a file box of a lot of my old Zuendapp customers and several years ago I started calling this customers to ask them what they did with this now OLD Zuendapps.Well,I found a dozend and bought them back.( some just given to me as that " JUNK".)Everybody knows how a BARNFIND from 1972 usily looks,so I had a handful work to do to get them back in what they where or better.Between my riding buddy Gary and me we own now some 10 race ready 125 Zuendapps.Spare parts are available in Europe ,cheeper and easier to find then OLD KTM parts.Complete picture albums about how we rebuild and improof this bikes (If any of you guys are interested ) are on Facebook under "Hercules Sachs and Zuendapps".Or just my name Helmut Clasen.Cheers...
  2. #2 64opaka
    Re: Age is only a number..
    That's an awesome story and you inspire me to keep riding. I'm 71 and I started racing a CZ in 69, I'm currently on a Gas Gas XC300 and I'm always trying to keep myself up to the task of riding the thing.
  3. #3 VintageSpeedy
    Re: Age is only a number..
    Yes 64 opaka.....Keep on riding as long as you have fun.It does not have to be " competition" ( but yes its a bit MORE fun)...any kind of riding is fun and cleans out your nostrils at high speed,saving money for KLEENEX....Just don ride to far away from Jonny on the spot or at least from large bushes................