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Thread: All New Members Read This !

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    Default I Stand Corrected!

    I rode Husky's since 1979, fought the switch to KTM's for years. Now riding a KTM XC 250 in dual sports and sportsman classes, I've learned about actually having fun riding these long events, and finishing all of the sections much easier and more of the time. Of course, I wouldn't mind a "New" husky, I love my KTM. AND STAND CORRECTED!
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    Default Re: All New Members Read This !

    Hello everyone. Recently I bought a 2002 KTM 520 EXC, and for now, Iím very excited about it. Iím still learning the bike so I canít go full braaap yet. I use it exclusively for hard enduro in the forests around my city.

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    Default Re: All New Members Read This !

    Moose 8u

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    Default Re: All New Members Read This !

    I like what TJ had to say!!!! motomaj

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    Default Re: All New Members Read This !

    This is motomaj...long time away. broke my back and do not have an orange pumpkin. Had to sell them boo hoo. Got a street bike now a Honda Shadow. Very nice! I missthe woods but mabe someday before i take the big trip..I'LL GET A 200! whoops!
    05 450 exc..traded my 300 for this's got the Ebutton
    05 525mxc sold..thought this was the bike..nice but the 02 rocked
    98 Honda vfr current.. what a great bike!!
    94 BMW R1100rs current..lots of good times
    96 xr 400...way fun baja bike sold
    99 kdx220...real nice..sold
    98kdx200 ..get out of the way..sold
    98 yz 400..too much bling
    2002 520mxc..why did i sell it for an 05??? 99 Ducati 748...lotta goodies,so fun to ride!!!!

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    Default Re: All New Members Read This !

    Good to see you back on KTMTalk, motomaj. Hope you get back on a dirt bike at some point.
    John B -
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    Default Re: All New Members Read This !

    Hello, My name is john. And i'am addicted to 2 stokes and the smell of premix. I hope i came to the right place. I live in NVa and just switched brands. I picked up a 2019 TE 250 I and a 2019 Honda 300RX RedMoto. The Husky is amazing, only one ride on the honda so no verdict yet. Looking forward to contributing what i can.


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