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Thread: I remember - KTMTalk Remembers (Sept 11, 2008)

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    I will NEVER Forget - KTMTalk will NEVER forget...

    We will NEVER forget!

    Steve Golding's 911 tribute was viewed by millions around the world in the weeks that followed the attack on our country. It became such an inspiration that host servers could not keep up with the demand. KTMTalk is honored to mirror and donate bandwidth for this special presentation. Thank you Steve!

    Take a few minutes... look at some of the threads in this section... take some time to remember... and then.... NEVER FORGET.

    2005 - KTMTalk Remembers 911... and Tom Mango


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    Thanks for the thread and for reminding us, Pat.

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    least we never forget
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    Never Forgotten!
    As the wife of a firefighter, thankfully he was home that day as we watched in disbelief what was unfolding in front of us. We saw the last flight land at DIA and how eerily quiet it was that night but for the few fighter jets that flew over. No trains, nothing. We had friends at our house as we watched in horror as the towers collapsed - they had family in them. 1 was an elevator repairman. We had friends in NY that week who were supposed to tour the towers that morning, but luckily had changed their plans.... My company had an office in the towers and luckily, having been through the first WTC bombing, had the instinct to get out at the first sign of trouble.

    Everywhere you turn, everyone - EVERYONE - was affected. No One should Ever Forget!

    God Bless those who were lost, those who survived, those who continue to fight for our freedom and those who run into those buildings to save-everyday!
    God Bless America!
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    We will never forget those who are no longer with us.

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    Hopefully we will all stay vigilant with thoughts, prayers and support for our troops abroad. Those who sacrifice to afford us the freedoms we ALL enjoy.

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    I hope we all teach our children what happened and to never forget. Never forget that there are people that want to take our freedom. People who hate us because of our freedom.

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    Bless all, jonsmom<BR><BR>I WOULD ALSO LIKE TO THANK, BAILEY'S FURNITURE REPAIR , IL , <span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>Monster Energy, Amsoil, excel rims, RK racing Chains,Dunlap,Acerbis,HotRods, Twin Air,Magura, Tag, SixSixOne,Boyesen </span>AND MOST OF ALL MY MOM AND DAD AND GRANDPA AND GRANDMA, WITHOUT THEM I WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO BE HERE. THANK YOU ALL FOR BELIEVING IN ME. JON WILLIAMS #37

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    Not only them, but all others who have given their lives for us severing our country. salute.gif
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    My 13 yr old came home from school yesterday and said they were going to talk about the 911 terrorist attacks today. She was in kindergarden at the time and of course had no idea of what had happened. I had kept several magaizines and newspaper articles. I pulled them out and she went through them in disbelief. There was a picture of Osama Bin Laden on the cover of Time and I told her that he was the main one that started this and he has still not been found. She was like "WHAT?? are you kidding me? That is crazy mom, how can they not find him?? is he dead?" Ya know, I had no answers for her, I told her that this is why we are at war right now so that hopefully this won't happen again.

    It just made me realize that most kids have no idea why we are at war and certainly don't know or remember what 911 was about. I let her take the magazines to school to share.

    I pray for the familys that have lost loved ones that day and through now because of this senseless, cowardly act.


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