I purchased several of the pre production Midwest Mountain Engineering Clutch levers last week, both the Brembo Lever and the Magura lever, and had a chance to ride with them this last weekend. My son and I were riding with the Brembo Levers and I installed the Magura lever on a friendís bike for him to try.

The lever is well made and very short and helps to provide plenty room for one and two finger setups. The lever certainly reduces the pull force, a lot, although I have no instruments to measure the actual difference. To me it feels like it lives up to the claims.

I set all of the levers positions up for two finger operation and never noticed any fatigue in my clutch hand. Neither my son nor the friend had problems either. When ask both had nothing but positive comments and when I ask about hand fatigue they just shook their heads and said not an issue at all.

My son rode just over 50 miles in a Turkey Run but my ride was cut short due to a bike related issue not related to the lever. My friend was on a different ride for two days in a different location.

Due to my issues I did not get as much time with the lever as anticipated but was very pleased with the pull action and the extra room provided on the clutch side hand grip.

For you guys looking for a full length lever with a lighter pull, this is not the lever for you. It is just not long enough.

For those of you that like a one or two finger lever this is the ticket. The reduce pull allows for easy operation without the leverage of the full length lever. Adjustments are nice and easy.

Bikes tested:
09 KTM TR 350 XC-FW (with heaver clutch springs)
08 KTM 450 EXC
07 KTM 200 XCW

One note about a comment I saw in one of the post; the feel is not like the loose feel you get with a Rekluse clutch where it feels like the clutch lever is not doing anything. It still have a nice positive feel with plenty of resistance.

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