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Thread: Troy Lee Designs Long Sleeve Under Armor (Shock Doctor BP7855-HW Base Protection)

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    I recently purchased a newly designed and released base body protection. It was produced in collaboration between Shock Doctor and Troy Lee Designs. It is designated SD BP7855-HW Base Protection and retails for $165.00.

    This product has solved a great many of my needs. It is desgned to work with my Leatt brace and uses many removable pads. It is lightweight and quite breathable and suitable for warm weather riding. It has attached arm and elbow guards, so they no longer have to held on with tight vecro straps (read arm pump) and do not slide down to my wrists. Addtionally, this sysem has excellent protective coverage for my ribs, collarbones and low back.

    It is relatively thin, and is barely noticable under a jersey. In my first few uses, it is the most comfortable upperbody protection I have used. I did not even notice that I had it on.

    The size XL fit me 6'1" Tall and 230 pounds, and the Large was a good fit for my racing buddy who is the same height and 50 pound lighter. My only criticism, is that we both would have like to see the arms and inch or so longer in length. If you are in the market, this is a good product. It might be hard to locate as this long sleeve model is still new to the marketplace.


    Here is the Troy Lee Designs information:

    Troy Lee Designs Shock Doctor SD BP 7855 Hot Weather Base Protective Shirt. THE ULTIMATE CHEST PROTECTOR SPECIFICALLY DEVELOPED TO INTEGRATE WITH INDUSTRY LEADING. LEATT NECK BRACES without compromising fit, protection or rider saftey. Exclusively designed to allow Leatt neckbraces to nest properly against a rider' chest and back. Tested by top pros and elite amateurs, our innovative patent pending design gives riders the power to choose from multiple configurations for customized comfort and fit, unobstructed motion, and unprecedented protection. In other words, the 7855 sets a new standard in the off-road industry.

    VENTED FOAM FOR EXTENDED COVERAGE in the lower abdomen,
    lower ribs/sides, lower back/kidney/sides & elbow. All of these extended areas were done with key flex points maintained, so that while there is more coverage than the 7850, the comfort while riding is not compromised.

    NECK BRACE INTEGRATION patent-pending design is compatible with leading neck braces without compromising fit and protection (removable upper chest / spine and clavicle pads accommodate ideal fit with brace)

    HEX-MESH disperses impact with a dimensional mesh construction
    that allows air to flow freely

    STRATA-FOAM articulates with complex body zones while providing
    impact protection (removable, rib and biceps pads for coverage preferences)

    VENT-TRAK moves air through flexible channels over skin surface to cool the athlete

    REMOVABLE ARMOR With OPEN ARMPIT DESIGN and wide neck opening for comfort

    Anatomical design provides a close fit while integrated zones protect
    the chest, ribs, back/spine, clavicle, shoulders and biceps.

    Happy Trails,


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    Does it have an integrated kidney belt?

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    I am interested in the short-sleeved version.

    How well do you think it will vent when it comes time for summer racing/riding?
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    Thanks adastra I've been looking at these with great interest.

    Gosh it seems like we are finally getting some new and super functional gear finally.
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    Finally, something with core protection and integrated elbow pads in a low profile and less bulky design! cool.gif
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    If this is the long sleeve version of the 7850, then after looking at it at the store I would say that the foam is ridgid but not hard. It will help, but I prefer to have a hard outer shell back by ridgid foam and not just foam. I purchased the new TLD/Shock Doctor chest protector but then went right out and broke my ribs looping out because the tree hit me (or I hit the tree) just below the edge of the back of the protector. I do believe it gives decent coverage, but I will still need something to protect my lower back and rib area. I dont think the 7850 would have dispersed the blow enough to be helpful

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    Default Re: Troy Lee Designs Long Sleeve Under Armor (Shock Doctor BP7855-HW Base Protection)

    Digging up this old thread in the hope that folks can provide feedback on the logevity of these TLD suits. I have had a Leatt 3DF and it fell apart on no time.

    Thanks in Advance.

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    Default Re: Troy Lee Designs Long Sleeve Under Armor (Shock Doctor BP7855-HW Base Protection)

    I have used one of these jackets since 2014 for probably in excess of 250 hours riding time and still going strong. Its a bit frayed in places buy has not stretched too much. Way lighter than my alpinestar pressure suit which i haven't worn since getting the TLD. Great jacket.
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