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    One might also add the new plastics come with an oily film that needs washed off with soap and water. After I do that I take a green scotch pad and lightly scuff the areas of the plastic where the graphics will be sticking. I also work dry. On or off the bike I have done both.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sndmn2 View Post
    I try to work dry, or very little of anything with moisture. When I was a kid I use to hang decals on semi trucks. If it was warm out and the sun beating on the side of the trailer, soapy water for sure. I usually center up the decal to where I want it. I then tape it into place. A piece of masking tape, top and bottom and out at one edge. Peel back half the decal and lay down that half working the bubbles out as I move along. Once that half is down I move to the other half. Fold it over , peel the paper and repeat. Works best if you can peel the paper as you lay it down to avoid any unwanted contact.
    Wow, on semis? My KTM graphics look great but I wrinkled the thin graphics for my Ram Cummins. I have a whole new appreciation for the graphics on trucks/ trailers when see them. I can't imagine! lol.

    As for bikes, yes clean with rubbing alcohol, I prefer dry application. Cut a 1/2" strip from the 'split' in the backing paper, LIGHTLY tack it where you want it (can be moved at this point), and squeegee it on from the center out. See a bubble? Peel back, re-apply. Use hair-dryer heat if needed for complex curves. Easy-peasy, dirt bike graphics are thick, stiff, and fairly easy to work with. Kyle

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