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Thread: Clutch Bleeding w/ Midwest Mountain Eng. Lever (Headache saver)

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    I just wanted to share some knowledge that I came by the hard way so that others can save themselves some time and frustration. If you are going to bleed the clutch master and slave you will need to remove the Midwest Mountain Engineering lever, this lever does not allow the plunger in the master to completely retract even with the allen screw adjuster backed all the way out. If the plunger is not completely retracted it's impossible to back bleed the system which is the only way to get the air out of the system. I ended up removing the lever back bleeding the system and then reinstalled the stock lever to bleed it from the top. Bleeding this hydraulic system should be about a 20 minute job that took me about 3 hours. Hope this helps somebody out.

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    Interesting. Mine retracts all the way with it on. I had to make adjustments to keep it from rattling (after plunger retracted, the lever would go even further out).

    Do you have Brembo or Magura unit?

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    Mine is a brembo master. I guess there are two adjustments on these levers and I don't think I tried dialing in the reach adjustment all the way, I bet with that screwed all the way into the lever that the plunger will come completely out of the stroke.

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    It is always easier to bleed without any brand of lever on place, its the only way you can get a full stroke, remove lever and pump with an allen key, screwdriver, small punch anything. same with the brakes front and rear.
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    I went through a similar situation with an aftermarket lever on my front brake.

    The lever needs at least some free play so that the piston will be able to fully retract.

    If it isn't able to release fully, there is a small orifice in the master cylinder that will remain blocked and pressure will build up in the system while in use. It will also make it impossible to bleed.

    In my case, pressure in my front brake built up until it locked up and caused me a scary crash and a couple of ruined riding days.

    I wound up rebuilding the whole system and going through a lot of brake fluid and head scratching before I figured out it was the lever. It had a manufacturing defect that wouldn't allow the piston to release even with the adjuster backed completely out. Problem solved immediately when I re-installed the stock one.
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