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Thread: Found an old 2004 Red Fox Photo (Eight years ago this month.)

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    I was sorting through some photos and found this one I took at the 2004 Red Fox Turkey Run. I thought Id post it here as a remembrance.

    user posted image

    The photo shows the huge police presence that greeted us on our arrival. Even though we were made to eat a crap sandwich that day, and there were some fairly heated discussions with the police, one of the things that remains with me is how much better behaved the participants were than some of the law enforcement personnel. Though to be fair, I had the impression that a number of the LEOs, the ones called from other locations for support, once they had been there long enough to get a sense of the crowd (you know, law abiding taxpayers) were slightly embarrassed at having been pulled into it. The organizing club (Pathfinders MC ) stood up well under trying circumstances.

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    I am a member of the Pathfinders club and remember the day well.
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    I just happened to see this thread. I've been saying for years that we need to get off our butts and legally pursue this type of crap. Also seriously investigate those who string barbed wire and cables across trails to kill motorcyclists. I have worked in law enforcement (military), and the best thing in the world is a good cop. Worst thing is a bad one. There are far too many bad ones. Fascist cops and people using booby traps to kill bikers are both WRONG.

    We need an organized off road group/club/ dedicated to off road motorcycling issues that regard all of us. I've talked to lawyers about getting one started, as a non-profit it would be fairly easy. I'd do it but I would have to start and run a website similar to ktmtalk, and I just don't have the computer skills. I got one started with a buddy but he got married, had a kid, lost a job, had a back injury, had to quit riding and he kinda quit on the website/club idea as well. The AMA is better than nothing but they mainly react to on-road issues and largely ignore off road. We are only 10% of their membership.

    Anyway, just commiserating. I've seen LEOs suddenly decide to abuse their authority at several off road events. Saw a county-mounty actually point his firearm at an enduro rider who just got near a highway due to flooded conditions. A bridge got washed out and caused a re-route, the cop overreacted. Thank god he didn't fire.

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    you oughta look up that sheriff, & send her the photo as a memento....
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    Default Re: Found an old 2004 Red Fox Photo (Eight years ago this month.)

    Everyone there received a settlement check and a letter from the attorney that represented us. It was a messed up day but justice prevailed. I believe the sheriif was voted out .

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