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Thread: 350 Broke off brass nipple

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    I am not a fan of a sheet metal screw for that job. Yes JB should work but a machine screw will look a whole lot better. The shavings mostly come out with the tap and a few brass shaving is not going to hurt anything.

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    Let me ask this... since there is already a good size hole running through it, couldn't I just use my smaller screw extractor and try it without any drilling?

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    Mine came out but was VERY tight. It had thread locker on it for sure. A screw extractor that small will probably snap off. But I guess that might seal the hole!
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    I ended up almost breaking the extractor... so I just mixed up some JB Weld and filled in the hole and around the hole.. smoothed it out good.. looks normal. I'll wait 24hours and take the bike for a spin tomorrow and see if it holds up.

    Thanks everyone for the help

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    JB weld or similar. Plugged and done. I've JB welded clutch covers and gone thousands of miles with no trouble. This little hole does not pose a problem to the mighty epoxy...
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    How well did this repair hold up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeremywatco View Post
    Good Evening,

    Was "desmogging" my new 350EXC and was attempting to remove the 8mm brass nipple from the side of the intake where the solenoid was hooked to. Well.. guess what.. the nipped sheared right off.....

    Now what? Can this be extracted? Any tricks or secrets?

    From past similar stories I approached the removal of this brass fitting with great caution. I initially took off all the items that restricted my access. Mainly the header is in the way. I then used a 6 sided deep socket and carefully began to remove it. I knew it had loctite but I was hesitant to throw any heat into the area as I only have a propane torch. The fitting came out without any issue. I think the key is using the right kind of socket and having a straight shot at it.

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    same thing happened to me, i tapped it and screwed in a smaller bolt with some thread lock on it. I ran my shop vac on the back side to suck up the shavings. On my buddies bike i left the brass nipple alone and got one of the rubber nipple covers form my local hardware store and zip tied it on. Both bikes have had 0 problems.

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    Mine broke clean off like the pic above, I could tap it and thread a machine screw in it, or possibly a small self tapper. But I'm nervous about getting shavings in my intake. Do you think a dab of jb weld would do the job? Never used it before. I can't believe I did this lol

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    its already got a nice hole , yes it has Loctite, put alittle heat and the spiral screw , and yeah pliers were not a good idea.

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