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    Default Thank you Cooksey Crank

    I just did my first rebuild for my 2005 KTM 200exc. I did a new top end and cleaned my power valve. I just wanted to thank Andrew from Cooksey Crank for all the help between his great customer service here on KTMtalk, and the videos he has on his youtube channel. His prices were great, the parts came in packaged nicely, and I took my bike for a quick trail ride at 10:30 last night after i finished buttoning it up, and it definitely has a little more low end power, and a decent mid range gain. I guess after 170 hours, my piston and rings were ready for replacement, and my power valve DEFINITELY needed a cleaning!

    Thanks again Andrew, I will continue ordering from you, and send my riding buddies your way as well.

    05 KTM 200EXC

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    Default Re: Thank you Cooksey Crank

    +1 Mr. Cooksey is my "Go To" man!
    Suffer Fools, Gladly!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wfopete View Post
    +1 Mr. Cooksey is my "Go To" man!
    He does awesome work.
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    Default Re: Thank you Cooksey Crank

    I recently ordered a top end kit and an aluminum impeller and seal for my sons 2017 250 XC-W

    The package arrived fast and was packed perfectly. I went over the order twice and thought I had it correct.

    But I was wrong I sent to much money which was refunded on my order. An absolute pleasure to deal with.

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    He's always my first choice. I restore some old bikes, too, and he's even done teardown inspections for me. Some of those bikes a rod kit is not available. Nice to have somebody open it and validate the condition before trying to reuse an old crank. And then his truing is super accurate and the bike run soooo smooooothly.

    Andrew, I hope you don't retire before I quit riding!
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    THE go-to guy!
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    Default Re: Thank you Cooksey Crank

    He is my go to person for top end kits, fast response and shipping plus great prices.

    +1 for Andrew
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    Default Re: Thank you Cooksey Crank

    And he can ride!

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    +1 for Andrew. By far the best service = Cooksey Crank. Thank you Andrew!

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