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Thread: Times Are Changing For Trail Riding

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    Thanks for the information. My kid and I ride trails in Michigan every weekend in the summer and I don't want to see them go away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DirtMover,Aug 9 2005, 09:40 AM
    Now if I want to go for a trail ride that leaves me running a forest service road back to the truck 100 miles from nowhere I "technically" have to make the bike street legal and purchase a liscence plate.
    That's how it is here and as far as I know has been for a long time? I can live with that. It's not always enforced though.
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    I was born 38 years ago, and in my life I've seen the world population grow from 4.5 billion to 6.5 billion. In the U.S. I can remember the population being in the low 200 millions, today it is 312 million. Most of these people do not ride dirt bikes, and from my experience most of these people don't like people who do ride dirt bikes, (or 4 wheelers, etc.). This makes our cause an uphill battle at every front. I pay taxes, and make an effort to be a citizen, and for the most part obey the law, but I refuse to let the government tell me that I can't ride my motorcycles, whether on or off road, and the more they close riding areas, the more that I will conform to the public's perception of the "outlaw biker". Ours is just one issue with a government that is growing out of control as it ignores the voice of the people in favor of corporate interests. I'm all for fighting the good fight to preserve our right to ride, as well as areas to ride, but the fact is that we are becoming increasingly outnumbered. It's easy to identify the problem, but we need real imagination to develop the solution!

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    I think some Euro-riders belong to clubs that pool funds to own and maintain core riding ares. Not the worst-case scenario as an option, particularly near high population areas.
    Another point to keep in mind is that as riders we don't self-manage our impacts on the land with respect to attaining a concensus on knowing when to avoid certain areas and when it's OK to include them, etc. If we could take ownership of the actual reasons public land-use conflict (and perception of conflict) occurs through our own education and information methods, we'd be building a better reputation as well as a fundamental argument in defense of OHV recreation.

    But obviously not overnight...

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    Vote republican!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Times Are Changing For Trail Riding

    Quote Originally Posted by AKE View Post
    Vote republican!!!!!!!!
    Going to take more than that. Remember that it was the Bush Administration which gave us the Travel Management Rule on Forest Service lands.

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    Default Re: Times Are Changing For Trail Riding

    Our sport will continue to be under scrutiny and the environmentalists are going to get us all. We lease a large tract of land in the SE for dirtbiking only. It has been in view finder of several governmental and non-governmental groups to attain it for wilderness closure. It is like they have a mandate to close every open area in the East that is possible. I am not against limiting development. But I am against limiting use. And a few hikers and fishers, is not "use" in my book. We have contacted AMA in the past for some support, to no avail. We will continue to do what we do until we can do it no longer. And that is when our little pc of land is bought and closed with our tax dollars.

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