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Thread: Looking for advice to build confidence

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    Default Looking for advice to build confidence

    So my son Cody (5 years old) recently stepped up from a modified PW50 which he was overriding and now has a 2018 KTM50 Mini, he immediately clicked with the bike and rode absolutely awesome especially corners as his strength. He had a mishap where he washed the front wheel and now he's lost all confidence and absolutely refuses any advise he just wants to go slow. He avoids the lines by going wide to "Safe flat areas" he rides so slow he is countersteering his way through attempting to keep the bike as upright as possible. We have a race tomorrow and he's 15 secs a lap slower than his consistent laps he was clicking off. What do I do? It's hard to watch. I've tried just letting him ride no pressure just for fun and after an entire day of that we have no improvement. Thanks in advance for your advise everyone ! Cheers

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    Default Re: Looking for advice to build confidence

    Hey if you get a solution to this let me know. I have a 65 rider that is completely different from 1 day to the next. 1 day he is riding hard and trying to jump stuff the next he is going so slow in corners I don't know how he doesn't just fall over. So frustrating to see them just ride around and not give effort.
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    Default Re: Looking for advice to build confidence

    I would put him back on the PW50 and see if he rides it like he used to. Otherwise I would skip the race until he get's his confidence up or you will just be wasting both your time.
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    Default Re: Looking for advice to build confidence

    We have decided to try the PW50 again today, bringing the KTM along as well just in case it goes well. Keep ya guys posted! Thanks!

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    Default Re: Looking for advice to build confidence

    We just got back from the race he insisted to ride the KTM mini, I just let him be a kid today and he placed last both Motos, he seemed happy so I didn't give him a hard time. He's still overwhelmed with the race day hustle and he just turned 5 and the new bike so he did well just by overcoming his nerves and participating.

    We came home and he rode our track and knocked off 5 seconds consistently per lap, smoothed out and hit his lines, full throttle on the straights and good brake control. Now if he can start doing that in the race I'd be happy!

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    Default Re: Looking for advice to build confidence

    He's 5. As long as he wants to be on the bike, you're in a good spot. He'll figure it out as he goes. It's been the same with my son on both dirtbikes and in hockey. Some days he's out for blood, other days just going through the motions. My son is 8 now. It's tough, but you just gotta sit back, watch, and smile. Offer encouragement and constructive advice, the rest will come with time. The most important thing is to cultivate a love of the sport. The vast majority are not going to make a career out it anyhow, so make it fun.
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    Default Re: Looking for advice to build confidence

    Ryan Dungey has 4 YouTube videos but maybe for an older rider but some of it you could pass on.
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    Default Re: Looking for advice to build confidence

    Prefacing my post by saying that I'm generically using the male gender pronoun in my comments...

    It's his ride, his race, his finish, not yours. His happiness at the end of the day is all that matters to him.

    This can be hard for a moto parent to accept after all of the time, effort and money we put into his motocross pursuit.

    Lately I've been trying to scale my contribution of time, effort (and money) according to his contribution of time and effort.

    I've been feeling a lot better...

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    Default Re: Looking for advice to build confidence

    He is a 5 year old kid and he still wants to ride his bike, i would just let him be as long as he is riding his confidence wil come back. Maybe a riding buddy for him someone that they can push each other, but honestly i would just be happy he still wants to be on the bike. He is only 5 after all.

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    Default Re: Looking for advice to build confidence

    I have never succeeded in teaching my kids anything if they did not want to learn.

    Sit back and give him some room.........he will figure it out.
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