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Thread: Looking for advice to build confidence

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    +1. Also bike setup is huge. When you can race and not even think about what the bike is doing that is the ultimate. Cam.

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    I am currently in the same boat. My 7yr old is always dead last and will actually get passed by the row behind him (we race harescrambles) and it makes me want to pull what little hair I have left out. BUT, he says heís having a blast even though we know heís much quicker. Itís hard to not get frustrated with all the time and money it costs but I also know I donít want to be the parents I see hitting their kids in the back of the helmet and yelling to get up when they just ate dirt during a race.

    When he gets off the 50ís, I will happily let him go as slow as he wants.

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    Don't get to frustrated by his results at a young age. I know a couple of young men who were slow as children (as you described) who as adults are A level racers and are very fast. As long as he is having fun it's OK. If it stays fun he will stay with it.
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