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Thread: 2019 KTM Trials Bike?

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    Default 2019 KTM Trials Bike?

    Hope this link works...if true, I want one!
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    Default Re: 2019 KTM Trials Bike?

    This is one designer concet drawing. Hope this is true but I am in doubt.
    IMO, KTM will make trials bike when Toni Bou was headhunted by them.
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    Default Re: 2019 KTM Trials Bike?

    I saw an interview with the KTM CEO recently and he said that Gas Gas motorcycles will have KTM engines starting in model year 2020. It sounded like the trials bikes would be included. Anyone hear anymore about this?
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    Default Re: 2019 KTM Trials Bike?

    So does KTM/GasGas move the needle on trials in the US? I have no doubt they are going to put more effort in than anyone else has or could afford to do.

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    Default Re: 2019 KTM Trials Bike?

    I thought they were going to sell GG trials bikes branded as GGs.
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    Default Re: 2019 KTM Trials Bike?

    I went to TJ's cycle in Austin yesterday and saw they had a GG txt300 on the floor. I think the KTM/Husky dealers are starting to sell them. I remember seeing something about Munn Racing selling them as well - so it's not just that one dealer.
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    Default Re: 2019 KTM Trials Bike?

    KTM wanted dealers to order 8 trials bikes and I said no. I was a GG dealer but rarely sold any trials bikes. I'm not saying KTM/GG can't move the needle on trials sales in the US but I think it will be slow. I'm sure that no one has ever put much money into trials in the US so it will interesting to see how it plays out. I'm on the sidelines for now but I'm watching. I don't have any idea what the plans are for GG enduro and MX bikes. I understand that there won't be any trials bikes outside the GG name.

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