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Thread: 2019 yz85

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    I wonder how much money they saved by not including a right side shroud...
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    Looks to be a single radiator again that's pretty odd. I would think progressing in performance would need better cooling.

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    Wow I didn't even notice that. Plus I think it's still heavier than the 85sx.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 0100 View Post
    Wow I didn't even notice that. Plus I think it's still heavier than the 85sx.
    I'm sure it will be plenty fast and a big improvement over the current engine, but I was honestly expecting a huge makeover. Maybe the new engine will bolt into the old frames haha one can hope.

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    I think there is a lot of parts that are interchangeable on the 65 with the new 85 including engine internals which is a great idea.
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    Says it will be available this month (june) i wonder if the wheels will fit from older models. We have a boat load of wheels. I know the rotors are different but i wouldn't mind switching those.

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    The right side shroud missing is the reason we don't own a yz or rm. My son didn't like that. He is happy with the new kx

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    That missing shroud actually is a huge selling point for off road kid racers. Our off road series gets 10,000 enteries a year and kids race for 1.5 hours non stop, YZ can go the distance without stopping. I even saw a RM with a YZ tank on it and complete graphic kit to make it look like a rm.

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    If you only have one radiator, not sure what value occurs from a second faux shroud?
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