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Thread: Take it to the Next Level

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    Weight the outside peg. Keep your head as close to vertical in corners as you can.

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    Good advice by many others.

    Since you say you do not have the speed right from the start I would not focus on physical training for speed. You need to get sprint speed. You can watch so many different pro riders who ride with many different styles and all go fast. MX Action just had an article on "talent" by Decoster. Good read. Summary is everyone's talent that made them great is different. When you ride are you either on the brakes or gas all the time? Coasting is not fast. Spinning and brake lockups are not fast. Need continuous smooth hooked up flow. Keeping momentum is fast. It is how the old stay fast. Aggression is great when your young until one gets smart and smooths out to get traction.

    Make the trail as straight as possible. Off road has a lot of surfaces that are hard to turn on so minimize the turning. A lot of trail can be straightened out by looking ahead.
    Find roots, rocks, logs, bumps, etc to launch off of and skip some trail trash - The air is smoooooth.
    Is your head in the game? For some it is the desire to win. For others it is the zone of riding that just makes things flow. There is a lot going on and it takes 100% concentration to be your fastest and pick good lines. The best are mentally tough.

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