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Thread: Value of KTM ATV's

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    Default Value of KTM ATV's

    I have been casually shopping KTM ATV's for years. I have never seen one come up for sale under 4K, and all the ones I have seen seemed to be well maintained.

    Today I found one for 2100 that looks like it needs a lot of work. The seller listed it as needing a clutch and battery but running with an oil leak - undisclosed as to where.

    I am not against a project and would like to do one with my son for fun. So, taking out labor, assuming I can do everything myself but rebuild the motor if it needs it (say $1500), would this be a "break even" project. Assuming I get it for 2K and put 2K into it (1500 for motor and 500 for other parts - bearings, seals, etc). These should easily sell for $4K+ if they are decent looking with a strong motor, right?

    Of course, I would have fun riding it for a while. I am dirt bike guy, but always wanted to try a KTM quad. I had a Suzuki LTZ400 and Yamaha Banshee in the past.
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    Default Re: Value of KTM ATV's

    Is it one of the XC models or SX? And what are you including in the $1500 motor rebuild?
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    Default Re: Value of KTM ATV's

    Two engines
    XC models (90% of them) are the RFS engine, I have rebuilt dozens, engine was very successful in bikes, had a few issues in quads; A: The quads traction loads the engine much harder than a bike, the crank spreads and pinches the main bearings which kills the mains and debris flying around in the oil gets on the cylinder wall, piston sides down thru it and kills it & cylinder, and
    B: The quad has a bigger flywheel and more/bigger magnets, the magnet sucks the rod to the left and it rubs hard on the crank, steel on steel makes heat & cooks the rod bearing.
    Fixes, I take the crank apart, grind 1mm off the inside of the crank on the ignition side and add a copper washer, steel on copper is a low friction low heat deal so that lasts, then I weld the crank pins ends so the crank does not spread as as much then shim it to have more side clearance, all of those parts live well!
    SX engine is basically a newer design which addressed the issues of the older RFS engine, being new it had one issue in the cam bearing area, when they fail its a very expensive repair and most get scraped. I have a fix for them only if I can get in before it fails. KTM addressed the same fix in 2011 but quads where out of favor (because of the above disasters?) before they found the fix (that engine stayed in production thru 11 and early 12 in the SX bike).
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    Default Re: Value of KTM ATV's

    There is a local guy here in Calgary has one for sale. Brand new never used 2009 525 KTM. Asking 7500 Canadian. About 3 grand US😝

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