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Thread: STIC jetting thread:

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    Default Re: STIC jetting thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by ROCK_93 View Post
    I haven't run my notched slide with the STIC because it wasn't recommended, with the stock slide I found it mellowed out the power coming off idle and made my 200 SX much more trail friendly.
    Yes, notch not recommended.
    At the time I didn't see any anti-notch or diy enlarged notch info per it causing rich cond. due to activating the Main circuit too early.
    My 200SX was lagging off-idle after initial installation, so I leaned the slide and gave it a 4mm notch.
    It became a top-fuel dragster and to run smooth/clean and idle, it needed 32:1 with the as delivered .114 52p/195m N3EJ set-up. BTW, HOT & HUMID on stop-n-go slow load-up or spooge.

    Since then I've tried the .113a and .114a with blue and red needles. I'm trying to get some of the low and mid beast back. Though I will say, it's friendly with great tq under loads. Mid is also meh. But still, to get the PB hit, it only requires 'bout half the clutch work of the stock carb. The big notch slide relegated the clutch to mainly low speed control.

    Next ride, I'll try the N3EJ once again, but with its tip section filed down.
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    Default Re: STIC jetting thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by STIC Fuel Systems View Post
    Everyone that has contributed to perfecting the STIC Metering Block and its jetting combination ...........
    To help with more accurate dimensional comparisons and jetting impacts, see below, with the specifications from both Keihin and JD Jetting:

    -Larger Straight section is leaner 0-1/8 throttle

    -Larger Tip is leaner at full throttle by 4 to 8 jet sizes (#190MJ with small tip fuels close to #200MJ with medium tip, and #210MJ with large tip)

    ========== LEANER 0-1/8 Throttle
    ...(Suggested: 250-300cc and Trail Riding)

    Suzuki NEDK: Straight section .1085 ....................Tip: Small
    JD White: III-I (STIC) Straight section .1083"........Tip: Small
    Yamaha N3EJ: Straight section .1081 ............................> Tip: Large (Needs big Main Jet #200-210)

    JD Red: II-II (STIC) Straight section .1075...........Tip: Small

    JD Red: II Straight section .1067 ................................> Tip: Medium
    JD Blue: IIII (STIC) Straight section .1065............Tip: Small

    ========== RICHER 0-1/8 Throttle
    ...(Suggested: 125-200cc and Racing/Track)
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    Default Re: STIC jetting thread:

    Thanks James! That is great information to know! My 300 with Rk Tek head, .113A and # 8 slide really likes the JD Blue needle best.

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    Default Re: STIC jetting thread:

    Recent posting by Sfade on the SHERCO Forum is worth reposting


    It's not on my 4t Sherco obviously but is on my 19' KTM 250XC with Keihin and will apply to anyone with 38 or 36mm Keihin Sherco 2ts. 1st and foremost I am doing this on my own accord and have no ties to the company or inventor George Boswell. He's a good guy and responds quickly to questions and great customer service/support. He does however self-promote a bit too much on ktmtalk.

    If you do not know what STIC is, its a metering block to replace your Keihin one--a very nicely machined CNC one at that. You can search online and learn all about the dynamics if you want, but basically it claims to provide a lot of torque and power. After you buy the STIC and JD jet kit for it you are looking at ~$450ish I think.

    Your ideas of how jetting works will need to change. My current setup is 195 Main, 50 pilot, and JD red clip 4, Airscrew 3.5-4 turns out. Very different and even sounds and feels different. It's a set and forget jetting that supposedly self-adjusts for altitude and temp for the most part which is nice.

    I was against it at first and thought the gains couldn't be worth the money especially after buying and RK Tek head and Keihin for my KTM. I stripped my pilot jet like and idiot so instead of buying a stock metering block I'd just go for it and try the STIC out hearing some swear by it....curiosity got me.

    Does it work and is it worth the money is what you want to know? Hell yes it is! Its good, I mean really good. For example, a rocky loose very steep hill usually required 2nd gear and feather the clutch to keep from spinning/stalling with stock Keihin/RK. With the STIC I don't even really touch the clutch. I can let the RPM drop almost to nill and it keeps tractoring. I can run a gear higher and still loft front with a snap. The pull is very impressive. The transition is a tad more linear into the mid/powerband and its a rocket and pulls really hard. The overrev is insane--it just keeps going and going. Gas mileage is about the same. I let a friend ride it and he wants to sell his TPI and get a carbed bike just to put a STIC on it. I said get a 2021 Sherco and slap it on.

    Along with the RK and Keihin, best mod I've done. Tokyo Off-road on YouTube is a smart engineer type that has reviewed the STIC in depth. Not an expert on it, but happy to answer any questions I can about it.
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