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Thread: Would like to hear from those who have lost motorized trails to mtn biker groups.

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    Default Re: Would like to hear from those who have lost motorized trails to mtn biker groups.

    Quote Originally Posted by Irishcoffee View Post
    Hope things work out but sometimes being "discovered" isn't a good thing. Good luck.
    Agreed. I do not look on all of what Pete said as a positive. I wish the word on all of our great MTB trails had stayed local or regional.
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    Default Re: Would like to hear from those who have lost motorized trails to mtn biker groups.

    With the internet there are no secretes anymore.
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    Default Re: Would like to hear from those who have lost motorized trails to mtn biker groups.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hagwest View Post
    With the internet there are no secretes anymore.
    Very true.
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    Default Re: Would like to hear from those who have lost motorized trails to mtn biker groups.

    Quote Originally Posted by wfopete View Post
    Here in Arkansas we have some of the finest IMBAMtn. Bike trails in the country and they are about to get better. Right now NW Arkansas is the primo spot for Mtn. Biking here (ex. see: Slaughter Pen) and brings riders in from all over the country. Why? WalMart...or rather the Walton foundation that includes kin from the Walton family who are into Mtn. Biking and millions of dollars flowed in for the sport. Now there is another bigger Mtn. Bike project and it includes creating a loop of three mountains (Arkansas Mountains/Colorado hills) of Mt. Nebo, Mt. Magazine and Petit Jean complete with a ski lift and thousands of acres. My club owns land adjacent to Mt. Nebo and is being looked at for purchase. I hope it happens as our club could do better for land. Lots of white collar folks ride Mtn. bikes...not so much dirt bikes. Last week my wife upgraded to a new SpecializedFuzehardtailXC bike in anticipation of the future. Some are saying that Arkansas will become the Mtn. Bike Mecca of the south; we'll see.

    I do think this is a good thing. I live in Prescott where we have a great network of mountain bike and dirt bike trails. The Mountain bike trails continue to expand with more people using the trails. My observation is the more dedicated mountain bike trails there are the less likely to find a mountain biker on motorized trails so conflict is reduced. In general the motorized trails are poor for mountain biking and if mountain bikers have good trails they ride those. I have only once ran into a mountain biker on motorized trails and that is when they were laying out an Enduro because they wanted to use the large downhill mountain bike trail. I do regularly run into hikers on motorized trails and mountain bike trails. My observations. Trail runners think they own all the trails and everyone should yeild to them. Don't mind they have their headsets plugged in and their awareness is non existent. Hikers can be great or hateful. Some dirt bikers are real jerks. I see this in the west more than in the Midwest were I spent most of my life.
    There are so many mountain bikes they have the political clout. I'm in the BRC because only with all the motorized people banded together do we have a chance. Overall Arizona is very good at the balance between users and most users are pretty rational.

    I've been going to Colorado for 30 years dirt biking. I see the some of the best motorized trails lost to mountain bikes. I have witnessed the tension and hate some mountain bikers have toward dirt bikers. It just seems to be getting worse. I'm glad I decided to move to Arizona. I still am part of the COHV group. It is depressing thinking about Colorado.

    I'm an active Mountian Biker, Dirt Biker, and Hiker. I'm not in simple protected space hanging with all people of "my kind".

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    Default Re: Would like to hear from those who have lost motorized trails to mtn biker groups.

    Don't get me started. I've created many trails that they took away. Also created trails that the side-by-sides took away (yes I have a side-by-side). The hikers have taken their share. It goes on and on. I have a mountain bike but never ride it, it's boring! I hate mountain bikers and I guess I'm one? I hike a lot but I hate hikers too, haha. I never post my trails online. But man, I ride some of the best stuff. Over the weekend I rode new trails both Saturday and Sunday. Just about every ride I find new trails, deer trails and lately wild horse trails. Man, those wild horses create some great single track. But they tear up everything too. It's easy to get lost following their trails, sometimes takes many miles before you realize. A group of mustangs was watching me Saturday, they seemed to stop and salute me, like we're kindred spirits and I felt they were a little hurt because I wasn't out riding them instead of my dirt bike. Was a group of about 5 stallions. Sad thing is the BLM has to kill them off occasionally 'cause they over-breed, but you can adopt them. Have seen the deer over-populations strip the land bare, imagine thousands of deer herds eating everything like locusts. Dirt bikes are the best, most fun thing every invented. I think everybody else is just jealous they don't have the skills to operate one. That especially goes for those darn mountain bikers. Don't they realize it's much more fun with an engine? Duh.

    Here's an interesting article on the damage horse do:

    Like I said, don't get me started.
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    Default Re: Would like to hear from those who have lost motorized trails to mtn biker groups.

    Quote Originally Posted by racerxx276 View Post
    Hi All,

    I have noticed a pattern of mtb bike groups turning motorized only trails into multi-use and then eventually mtn bike only. It has typically taken a few years for this to happen. If this is happening in your area I would like to hear from you. While I would like to think we can all get along, there are some hardcore environmentalists in our mtn bike community that would love to see this happen in my area. We are working to make sure this doesn't come about.
    Racerxxx276, I too am an Idahoan,(Boise/treasure valley) I have seen countless trails get closed since I've moved here in the mid 70's, as a fellow Idahoan you already know, been screamed and scowled at by hikers, mnt. bikers, which by the way wasn't a thing before the flood of Californians' in the early 80's, (sorry California, may have been inevitable anyhow) made friends with a new neighbors, who were the hard core type, then they saw me roll out my dirt bike in the spring and they won't even wave to me or look my way!
    Of coarse I always blamed the snowflake/green peace/tree huggers too who hate anything with a engine, which I believe a good % of mnt.bikers are anyhow?
    But now there's a new threat, and their known as the Wilks brothers, heard of them? If not everyone reading this should Google them,their two Texas billionaire's buying up hundreds of thousands of acres of land across the U.S., mostly western including 200 thousand in Idaho, apparently made their money selling Texas oil fields to Singapore/ China? They bought up Idaho land that used to be leased/owned by Boise cascade and potlatch,

    (which is a whole other ginda shady story of how they came to own it or even have a right to sell it !!)

    Now that land which crisscross's public access is being shutdown/closed, land/roads that Idahoans have been using for decades to access ridding, biking, hiking hunting, ect.. People are being met with armed guards being stopped in their tracks on their way to their favorite spot!! What their doing is in part illegal but it appears Idaho counties don't have the resources to fight them. It is presumed their getting ready to sell off land for private dude ranch type resorts to the highest bid by millionaire/billionaire's. I'm not sure if there's anything that can be done, but this might be the new trend in America, so unless you're stupid rich all us other peasants have a new problem.
    Thanks for bringing up this topic, it's a big pet peave for me also and needs to be a front and center topic here and all media platforms.

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    Default Re: Would like to hear from those who have lost motorized trails to mtn biker groups.

    Quote Originally Posted by Coach View Post
    I am kinda new to this.

    That being said I see a ton of dumbass dirtbikers every time I am out. We are our own worst enemy.
    Dumbass dirt-bikers are our own worst enemy. Loud pipes don`t help. Hunters don`t like us.

    I recently purchased an Electric Surron light bee dirt bike. (MTB with knobbys and 11.2 HP motor. 110 lbs)

    My next move it too see if I am welcomed on the designated mountain bike trails. (No-Pedal assist)

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    Default Re: Would like to hear from those who have lost motorized trails to mtn biker groups.

    . I even have them try to grab at me at times. This happens when...
    This year I may carry pepper spray. Just for these irrationally thinking yay-hoos.

    Quote Originally Posted by nightbasser View Post
    someone put their hands on me when I'm riding and its gonna get real ugly real fast!
    What if its an angry hunter with an itchy finger??

    Pepper Spray. I though of that, but I don`t need a bullet in my back.

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