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Thread: RK head

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlanG View Post
    Everybody stand back! I have a JD Tuner, and know how to use it!
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    The RK Tek head coupled with a JD Jetting kit was the best thing I ever did to my 2018 300 XC-W and would certainly do it again. I would highly recommend both.

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    Just put a RK Tek head on my 2014 250XC and all I can say is it lives up to its promise on my bike. Added power torque down low and the mid and top are as strong if not stronger than ever.

    Bolted it on did not change any jetting and took it out and put a good 20+ miles of single track on it today and the low to mid range power was significantly improved

    Money well spent in my book

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    I put an RK head on my 19 150 XCW, love it.
    2014 300 XCW Six Days
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    The OP has a TPI bike. How many on here are running the head on a TPI?
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