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Thread: How Do I Learn To Ride Smooth

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    I don't remember everyone in that group, but they were a bunch of very nice guys. I remember TMex and all the ladies taking refuge from the wind in his panel truck. He was in his element and making sure the girls were having fun too. Good times.
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    We never went back to Moonrocks after that trip. Full of whoops and just too many people. That is why Middlegate became our GOTO. It is a HUGE area with NO SIGNS and NO ONE LOOKING at you, which allows people to spread out and not destroy the landscape. The only rules(unwritten) are CLOSE THE GATE BEHIND YOU & PLEASE DON'T CHASE THE LIVESTOCK! And now the Navy wants to appropriate it for a bombing range; use the wild mustangs for target practice! I say take your fence/wall down to our southern border and use THAT for your bombing/strafing range.
    Oh well, just one more thing to add to my tool kit (bolt cutters).
    The way walls get built in America today tho, I probably got my 10 more years of riding, then I might get to be "JUST LIKE NORM!" (and I wont have to carry those durn bolt cutters!)
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