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Thread: Gathering at Middlegate, March 23-31.

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    Default Gathering at Middlegate, March 23-31.

    Our Navy wants to expand their bombing range south of Hwy 50, east of Fallon. This will close many trails and dirt roads now open to dirt bikes. To show support for Middlegate Station and raise awareness of what is about to happen, friends of Middlegate are organizing a "Gathering at Middlegate"! So, bring your dirt bikes and join us for what may be the last time these trails get ridden. Donations accepted to keep the generators running, with a BBQ and live band on Saturday nite, the 30th. I will post more details as they become available. For those who want to join in a 'led' ride, we have some suggestions below to make it safer for everybody.

    Riders meeting check list

    1. Start time? / end time?
    2. Mileage?...Overall? To gas stop?....lunch? Destination/ general route.
    ….Gas/oil, water, lunch, coat, lights?
    4. Tools? Tow rope, first-aid kit, saw, spare tubes, patch kit, master link, cell phone, GPS
    (Thesec an be divided up amongst partners).
    5. "In event of emergency" info,
    (contact #'s, copy of medical insurance card), money.
    Designate the Leader,& Sweep…. Faster guys go 2nd, 3rd. , etc. (To catch Norm before the next turn, because he don’t stop to tap-out!) The idea is to keep the pack moving as fast as possible. Remember it’s a ride, not a race(except within the pack)

    a. NEVER pass the leader (or his partner)!
    b. Never LEAVE the pack without informing (Sweep).
    7. Count heads.
    8. Partner up… 2 or more? Know where your partner is! Leader can’t be expected to count 16-17 riders every time. Be responsible for the one you came with, AND the one behind you.
    9. Tap-out rule (Top of helmet to broad wave.!

    a. When coming to a TURN,(intersecting trail, road, wash), don’t assume next rider knows which direction you went.! Wait until you see him tap out before you go.
    b. If he doesn’t tap out, assume he wants to talk, convey a message etc. Just because you see him doesn’t mean he sees you! (he is concentrating on the trail in front of him).
    c. If he forgets to tap out, then he has to eat dust!
    d. If he doesn’t show up, assume there is a problem (flat tire, injury etc.),
    10. a. If you come to a “Y” Think STRAIGHT! and mark your direction boldly with your rear tire., (sometimes riders make the mistake of turning at well-traveled turns instead of heading straight).

    b. If there is no ‘waiter’ and there is a straight option, "think straight".
    c. If there is a Y and you cannot read the tracks, stop, shut off engine and try to get a sound bearing.
    . If unsure at a turn, wait there (however long it takes) and the guy who lost you will come back.
    . If you take a wrong turn and/or get separated from the group, Go back to the place where you know you were last seen,
    f. If someone doesn’t make it to the next stop , then someone goes back, WITH CAUTION to avoid a head on.(Lost rider is trying to make up time!)
    g. IF lost, climb to highest, open point, and use headlight to signal to others.

    h. If you have lost someone, climb to highest open point and use headlight to signal.
    i. IF lost, Go back to the place where you know you were last seen,
    11. Pair up on 2-trak roads. Cuts down on dust, speeds up transits. Treat 2-trak like a single trak, stay in your lane, stay 1 second apart. In turns, let outside lane/rider go first, then he can rail/roost all he wants and not blast his partner. Be aware of wind direction and what it is doing to the rider behind you.
    12. Fences/gates...If it is up, leave it up. If down, leave it down. If Leader takes it down, place it ½ way inthe road, pointing in the direction of travel. If in the road, Sweepputs it back up.
    13. Do not chase/ harass livestock, wild horses, deer, or antelope….…..Coyotes, cougars, bears, jackrabbits…ehh?
    14. Do not ride across alfalfa fields/pastures, wet bogs. Try toleave no NEW marks.
    15. Coming into towns, ranches, campsites, Slow down, respectothers, use common sense!
    16. Gather up at reasonable intervals. You don't want to have to backtrack 15 miles to find your injured rider.
    17. Never let an injured rider(or bike) go back alone. Someone must always accompany.
    Too easy to fall, get trapped under your bike.
    18. If you bring someone new to an already established group, you are in essence vouching for them

    a. That he understands 3, 4 & 5.
    b. That he's a good enough rider for the type of ride.
    19. Use hand signals when encountering oncoming groups that you meet, to let them know how many riders are behind you.
    a. Use the simple signal holding the number of fingers up to the oncoming riders that represents the number of people following you in your group. Don’t use all 5 fingers as that can be mis-interpreted as “HELLO”!

    b. As the sweep goes by, he raises a closed fist. As you pass the guy with a fist up you can speed up again.
    c. If you are alone, just raise a fist to let the oncoming group know you are the only rider at that point.
    d. Or a courtesy stop and telling the guy how many are behind you.
    20. If someone shows up without minimum safety gear (helmet, goggles,gloves, boots), don't let them ride.
    Explain that if he mangled his foot, the group's day would no longer be about riding, but about getting him out of the mountains and to medical care.

    21. Right of way? Normal accepted convention is....uphill vehicle has the right of way. Use common sense. (not worth arguing over)
    a. On a narrow trail, assume downhill rider will not be able to stop in time, so lay it over into the uphill bank.
    b. When encountering horses on a trail, STOP!, shut off engine and remove helmet to calm and assure the horse and protect the horse rider.

    c. Slow and or yield to hikers.
    d. Watch out for, and yield to QUADTARDS on blind corners!
    2. Move over for faster riders from behind. Let them know you are looking for a place to let them pass. Signal with foot which side is safe to pass.
    23. Signal for turns. Use hand, or foot.
    . Remember...
    a. “You’re not a leader if no one is following”.
    b. “The cow only moves as fast as the tail.”
    c. “Rules above do not apply to Norm!”

    d. “I want to be just like Norm when I grow up!
    e. ?………………………………………………………………
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    Default Re: Gathering at Middlegate, March 23-31.

    Click on the link above for the latest artwork/info.

    Blue Ribbon Commission has committed their help to save these trails.

    This has been a special place for dirt bike riders for many years. The owners of Middlegate go out of their way to make us feel welcome. Something you don't find very often.
    About the only rule is... Please close the gate...and don't chase the cows.
    '13 500 EXC
    '02 520 EXC
    96 550 MXC(bought it back)
    84 CR500(sold)
    96 POLARIS 1160 w/162" TRACK
    76 CJ7

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