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    Just to let you know what is out there now;
    I've had decal sets made that fit the 89-99 bergs but the flared front fender decal makes them more suirable for the 1990-1995 bikes.

    the factory stopped the crank nut and I've had them made. that'll be 89-08 for them.

    I've had the 650 con rod made 2001-2004 with the 32mm big end.

    The freewheel gear in the middle of the starter sprague assembly, i've had those made but they are on test. the first batch made thathigh pitched whine and trying to sort it.

    clutch tubes were stopped and i've a replacement. that'll be for 2003-2008 models.

    the rocker cover tube for the oil trap - had them made.

    the oil drain bung for the 1989-2002s. had them made in stainless.

    I sell the valve seals for the 1989-1003s.

    as some of you may know, i visited Sweden two years ago and invested 30K in factory NOS parts so I have the decal sets for the 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999s for sale. not every model but a lot.

    headers for the 501/600 in chrome (so FE models i guess) as well as FC tailpipes etc. Seats for the 1996 to 2002s. seat covers for the 1992. seat sponges for the 1997-1999s which you could retro fit but the earlier bikes were a little thicker.

    I've a rod kit for the 2001-2004 501s with the 32mm big end pin.

    I have rod kits for the 350 (1990-1993 i think) the 400 (1994-2000) the 501 (both 1989-1992 long stroke and 1993-2000 short stroke) and the 600.

    i do rocker arms for the old models and the rocker shafts, end caps as well.

    I have been developing a jetting kit for the 2001-2003 dell orto fitted FE501e and I'm making my own needle. that will be made in the next 6 months and will be excellent given how rubbish the factory jetting was! 160 road and dirt tests later.....

    I'll write more soon!

    Runs Taffmeisters in the UK - A husaberg specialist workshop.

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    Default Re: parts availability

    I have one fuel tank that holds 22L left for the 1989-1999 bikes. it's actually from 1999.

    stators for 1989-1998 and the next generation; 1999-2003 are here.

    I have a couple of early 1989-1998 FC flywheels new that are left.

    I've had 20mm ID little end bushes made for all models 1989-2008 that aren't the 350/400.

    I've made a 44mm venturi for the keihin FCR. you buy the ring that slips inside the slide, then strip the carb and get it bored out to 44mm. videos on youtube. even my 400 benefitted so lord knows what it does for a 650! this mod and the 2" blue bellmouth make a big difference.

    We now sell the 1989-1996 rad shrouds in 'old gold'
    we also now sell the 1989-1996 sidepanels in 'old gold'
    just to let you know, in 1997 they were the same shape but went flourescent.
    in 1998-1999 they curved the lower edge of the sidepanels and kept flourescent
    in 1999 they went back to old gold but the shape had changed!
    I have the sidepanels for a 1999.

    fuel tanks available for the 1989-1999 in either blue or yellow. they were made in 1998 and there were like 4 improvements I guess these are the 4th.

    we now sell the 1989-1999 diaphram fuel pump. found a source for these.

    as for the above posts 'jetting kit'. we've been selling a jetting kit called the 'Berg Booster' for the FE501e and this is a tuning kit. It is the spruce up kit (worn parts) plus the 'easy start' (bits that go from worn to help starting) to this, the Berg Booster kit which is spruce up, easystart and tuned all in one. we also put the choke cable on the left handlebar. We're having a special needle produced that will work in all CCs of Husaberg but each set of jetting figures will have to be carefully sorted. Guinnea Pigs required for this one. The first two bikes (other than the obvious 501 final shakedown) are going to be the 550 and the 650. one guy already has one in his 550 and just said he'd changed the atomiser (on a hunch) and that it now is "perfect". clever boy!

    the freewheel gears have been hard work, but we now have the noise reduced - some say to quiet and some say 'not too bad'. who knows?

    We now have a race cam for the 550-650 being made and with us soon.

    I discovered the front brake mastercylinder repair kit for the early Tokina equiped bergs.

    what has finished;
    we're out of 37mm inlets for the 2001-2003 470/501/550/650
    we're out of 35mm inlets for the old 501 (pre 2001) 600 and later 400.
    run out of race front No plates for the early stuff.


    Runs Taffmeisters in the UK - A husaberg specialist workshop.

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