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Thread: Freewheel Clutch or Starter?

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    Default Freewheel Clutch or Starter?

    I have a 2014 SXF FE which has begun to make a high pitch noise when starting. While I think it is coincidental, this started happening right after I replaced the battery. Have taken the starter off and tested by hooking up to another battery. Spins fine with no load and doesn't appear to have anything loose inside. Trying to determine if it is the starter or based on other posts I've read, the freewheel clutch.

    Two questions
    1. Is it possible to load test a starter to determine if something is wrong? If so, how would I do this?
    2. What would be a symptom of the freewheel clutch and associated parts failing?

    Here is a link to the sound the bike is making when starting:

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    Default Re: Freewheel Clutch or Starter?

    Sounds like the freewheel is slipping. I've had to replace several free wheel hubs, bearings and gears over the years. Especially 2012-2015 bikes.

    Remove the primary gear and one-way bearing from the hub it sets in and inspect all the bits for wear
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    Default Re: Freewheel Clutch or Starter?

    Travis you hear that noise while trying to start the motor, have you heard that noise begin about 30 seconds after the motor actually starts?

    Another bike, 2017 plus, model 450, motor starts up and about 30 seconds later, sound slike the stater is trying to run, should the free wheel have any back and forth play, like 1.5mm?

    Also on the Freewheel gear , the bearing running though it on the back side of the gear, should it be flush or is a slight LIP, okay?


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    Default Re: Freewheel Clutch or Starter?

    May be inside the starter itself, I have had one on a KTM that made a shreeking sound!
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