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Thread: Krooztunes PDS Xplor upgrade kit.

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    Default Re: Krooztunes PDS Xplor upgrade kit.

    I think ive found the sweet spot.

    Will have to go and count my clickers tonight and actually measure the sag but overall im happy and feel its money well spent. (will check it out tonight or tomorrow)

    The shock is nice and plush on the chop and the rear wheel does not hide behind the rocks anymore which always pulled the nose into the ground ending in a tank slapper wrestling match.

    Looking for a bit of plushness in my CC's now to compliment the overall feel.

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    Default Re: Krooztunes PDS Xplor upgrade kit.

    I installed the Krooztunes PDS bladder & revalve kit last week and rode it Sunday afternoon. Just a reminder that removing the reservoir takes LOTS of heat to melt the loctite - I had used 'low strength / purple ' loctite the last time I had removed the reservoir so it came off pretty easily this time. Also noteworthy is that bleeding the new style PDS is no different than bleeding a linkage shock because air does not get caught between the pistons. I hand-bled without a problem. As mentioned above the kit uses a KYB bladder and a needle to add nitrogen rather than a schrader valve.

    Cost: $211.00 US shipped to my door.
    Bike - 2018 300 XCW. I weigh 168 lbs / 192 ready-to-ride. Terrain is rocky single track that is really beat up. We average 16 - 18 mph at an 'A' level pace over an 8 mile loop which we ride often. The shock is setup with a 63-66-69 spring (+1 over stock) and sag is:
    38 mm Static
    106 mm Rider

    I use Picklito's DCC:

    Ride Report: Guys, this kit works much better than you would think based on the simplicity of the parts. It really works well. What I noticed the most was that I could put the power to the ground rather than getting wheelspin. There was a huge difference in this trait. The ride was plusher but firm at the same time. I did not bottom the shock (or at least did not feel it bottom). The bike was much more planted on rocky uphills and loose rocky turns. I wish I had installed this kit before I installed the 300 kit on my 250.

    One of my riding partners rides a 2018 TX300 with Kreft suspension and we are the same size but he is slightly faster (and much younger!). We switched bikes yesterday so we could compare the suspension. Compared to his bike my bike is still not nearly as good in the rear in the really rough areas but we are close in 80 percent of the course. I personally believe that a good linkage bike will always be better than a good PDS bike when averaged over a challenging course. For that matter his Kreft forks are better everywhere compared to my much massaged OC converted Xplor forks but my forks are pretty close over most of the terrain we ride. OC and CC / AER forks just feel different.
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    Ken Powell
    2018 KTM 250 XC-W
    2012 KTM 300 XC with YZ SSS cartridges in WP forks - Sold to son-in-law on 31 October 2014 due to injury - still ride it occasionally
    2003 YZ265WR (WR426 trans except YZ250 2nd gear) with 2005 Slavens revalved AOSS forks - backup bike
    2003 KX125 with KDX220 motor & 2006 YZ250F SSS forks - added Rekluse EXP 3.0 designed for YZ125
    1979 Maico 250 Magnum - this bike is terrific!
    Many, many bikes until now...
    1963 Harley 175cc Scat - 1st motorcycle

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