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Thread: 790 S and R sure donít get much play here.

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    Default Re: 790 S and R sure donít get much play here.

    I'm about to buy a '20 790 SAR. I got a buddy that wants to ride from Arizona to Alaska and back this summer. I haven't had a street bike since my '93 Yamaha TDM 850, That was 20 years ago I think. Well other than the fact that every motorcycle l've And in the last 20 years here in Arizona have been street legal. My trials bike is street legal my 300 is street legal my 450 a street legal.... But only use them on the street to connect to trails. Looking at adventure bikes and planning a trip is like a brand new sport
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    Default Re: 790 S and R sure donít get much play here.

    Update on 790 R; never thought I would like street riding. The 790 is a HOOT!!
    Built a set of off road wheels but haven't installed them yet. What little time I've been on dirt
    the 790 handles extremely well. Very low center of gravity and easy to shift weight around. Quick direction changes.
    The weight shows in really slow riding, and I don't think I'll risk riding in remote technical single track, but for bombing fire roads
    and what we used to call "cow trailing" the 790 is a blast. I've made some mods to make it more user friendly and we've gotten to be great friends.
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    Default Re: 790 S and R sure donít get much play here.

    Buddy of mine just bought the rally R, then told me they're having problems with the cat getting so hot its boiling the shock oil and melting the shock seals.
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    Default Re: 790 S and R sure donít get much play here.

    Some enterprising fellow put together a whole website dedicated to the 790. Here's his list of early faults, including the rear shock:

    Interesting thing about this is that it seems only the "R" model is seeing shock failures. The "S", which has shorter suspension travel, is not seeing the shock fail even though it has the same catalytic converter as the R model.

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