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As a follow up, the Canyon Dancer brand rings DO NOT fit into the counter sink of my 2019 300XCW. I used an appropriately sized (I don't remember right now, measured them up at home depot) washer under them. So works, but not a bolt on. Maybe the RMATV Tusk branded ones are smaller outer diameter?
Well, technically if it easily bolts on, then i would consider it a "bolt on". I have the Canyon Dancers on a few of my bikes '15 300xcw, '05 525, and a 950A. All of those bikes have cast triple clamps, so i didn't feel bad about taking a file to the triple to get rid of the countersink portion. I was something like around a 1/16". I use my rings as a place to ratchet down my suspension (other end of the strap hooks to the disc brake guard) a few inches so i can roll it into my Econoline motovan easier.