After coming off a 300, I was missing the bottom so decided to spring for a new head for my 18 250xcw. When it arrived it was in KTM packaging and looked just like a regular SX head to my untrained eye, no biggie... Tossed it on and compression gauge showed it was within 10 psi of my stock head?, 190 psi or so. Was a little surprised but my gauge aint the best so rolled with it.

Same jetting, same plug, even same head gaskets..stock mikuni with stock jetting...just on 1st clip.

The first difference I noticed was starting, usually it takes 3 or 4 kicks to get the bike started from cold...and then it idles really low and wont take any throttle for a couple minutes... With the new head it started on the very first sissy kick when I was just trying to charge the cylinder...and it idled way stronger.

On the trails I noticed it ran much smoother, and there was definitely a bump in low to mid power..but it's subtle, it's not gonna rip your arms out or was way harder to stall, and the jetting seemed more crisp and more stable during the day.

Where you really noticed the gains was on the logging roads, going wide open pulled harder through the mid and maybe even revved a little higher.

The biggest thing for me is that it ELIMINATED 95% of the 'Pipe Bang'

All in all it makes the bike run like it should, harder to stall with smoother power and a little more grunt.

For $130 its a pretty good bang for your buck... i give it a 7/10.