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Thread: 17' 50 mini leaks trans oil out vent line?

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    Default 17' 50 mini leaks trans oil out vent line?

    I put a new piston in at 48 hours and all looked good, ran it for a few hours found a small trans leaking out vent tube. changed oil with atf ran till warm and rechecked by placing bike up side down and it pours out vent line about a cup full...I assume that I have a bad crank seal just wondering if anyone knows if that can be changed in frame? if I pull clutch and inner cover off is it possible to get gear off pull and replace the seal I believe to be the cause? I have to leave for an event in a couple of days an don't want to run it knowing its doing this.. Any Help would really be appreciated!

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    Default Re: 17' 50 mini leaks trans oil out vent line?

    so under a closer examination there is nothing stoping trans oil from coming out vent line if bike happens to fall over... the counter shaft seal appears like it may come out the side with some work..

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    Default Re: 17' 50 mini leaks trans oil out vent line?

    Your correct. That vent line will dump out all of your clutch fluid if the bike gets tipped over, thatís perfectly normal. If you ever have to lay the bike over, just lift the vent line up so itís the highest point.

    The output shaft seal can easily be changed as well. Just remove the gear, pull the spacer and o-ring, then pull the seal.

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