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Thread: KTM 1290 Question

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    Thinking about picking up my first adventure bike and was just curious if you guys thought this was a decent deal. Itís a 2017 1290 super adventure R with 7,000 miles for $10,200. Iím in California too. Sorry if this is in the wrong section. Thanks, Brian.

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    I have a 1190 Adventure. Great bike. The early 1190s have typical ďfirst yearĒ KTM teething issues. The 1290 fixed almost all those. The starter motor is better, an upgraded windshield, and improved electronics like self cancelling turn signals and cruise control. The price looks fair especially for a low mileage bike. The one issue is a sketchy air cleaner. Most everyone has upgraded to some aftermarket system like Powercell. If there is 7,000 mostly off road miles with the stock air cleaner, Iíd pass regardless of price.

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    What's a brand new Tenere cost? Or a holdover Africa Twin? Unless you are specifically looking for a big KTM, $10,000 puts you into a pretty good class of street bikes to be able to afford, a lot of nice options. I owned a 1190 for a few years, I will never own a KTM street bike again.

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    My buddy has a 1290 Adventure R and he really likes it . It has been trouble free .

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