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    I'm located in the Great Britain

    I've got what I believe to be a secondhand exhaust and manifold pipe for a ATV525 xc. It was bought in error from and auction site when rebuilding my 525 mxc bike.

    Part numbers are
    Manifold: 830.05.007.000

    There seems to be no demand for these in the GB. But looking at dealer websites I see that new these a quite expensive. Is it worth me put these up for sale to a mainly American site ?


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    One reason there's probably not a lot of interest is the factory head pipe doesn't seal well to the factory manifold, sucks air, and causes popping through the exhaust. If you slide them together you can see the pipes bottom out on the welds instead of internally. Can be fixed by shaving 1/8" or a few mm off the header pipes. Another reason for low interest is quad riders are always looking for more power since the machine is heavier and has more load/traction from the extra tire contact patch. So if they need to replace an exhaust it's with an aftermarket system that makes more power. Is a KTM quad-specific site if you want to try listing on there. Seems to be people on there from both sides of the pond.
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    Thanks for info
    Completely naive regarding quads
    But everyday is a day school.
    So it looks like I m stuck with a couple of undesirable bits
    However somebody may take them off my hands for the right price.

    Thanks again

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