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Thread: 2016 350xcf-w vs 2016+ 350xcf

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    Default 2016 350xcf-w vs 2016+ 350xcf

    Woods riding mostly atv trail, some single track.

    My understanding is the 2016 xcfw is the older era engine and chassis vs the xcf newer era engine and chassis.

    Better to stay with the older engine for woods riding or are the engine gains of the 2016+ worth going for?
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    Default Re: 2016 350xcf-w vs 2016+ 350xcf

    Depends what you like. I found every 350 XCFW of the previous generation (with stock mapping) to feel relatively weak down low. They were easy to ride and more fun as the revs went up but for my preference it never felt like a bike I wanted to own, personally. No experience with aftermarket ECUs or tuners on these bikes though. Also, that mellower low end might be really welcome in really tight woods, but I just prefer a two stroke when the trail gets slow, tight, and technical.

    The new gen of 350 XCF is really really good all around. Strong down low and still great pull in mid and top and the 19's are the first year that I've encountered that seem to have the flame outs minimized to nearly zero from the factory. Really good bike all around and would be my pick if I was looking for a do it all 4 stroke.
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    Default Re: 2016 350xcf-w vs 2016+ 350xcf

    14-16 350w are a whole different bike with a good fuel and ign map.
    My 14 the dealer put Euro map in, and I put the "high" plug in the ign map.
    My 15 has Vortex.

    My 15 250 xcfw I don't know if it got the Euro map (bought used), I did put the mild ign plug in, not sure I can tell a difference. I want this as weak as possible for my son, he doesn't have much experience.

    The XCF any year will have a lot more snap than similar year W or EXC.
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