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Thread: 2019 690 Enduro high frequency vibration in handlebars

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    Default Re: 2019 690 Enduro high frequency vibration in handlebars

    2 suggestions:
    - have the rocker arms checked to make sure they are not self destructing as they did on many of the early bikes.
    - check the air/fuel ratio as a very lean mix will cause vibration. These bikes can have a lot of issues with the fuel delivery system that result in an extremely lean mixture.

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    Default Re: 2019 690 Enduro high frequency vibration in handlebars

    Sounds like a big frustration for you is KTM USA and your dealer are not acting/responding the way you think they should. Probably nothing on your end can change that.

    As others have mentioned, the Lemon Law. Not sure how that works in NC, but in CA one part of it is how much time the bike was at the dealership being worked on, another is how many times it went in for the same problem. So you could turn into nice customer, and work your plan towards the lemon law, but don't mention that upfront. For example, take it back to the first dealer (2nd trip), nicely suggest leaving it for a time where they can spend some more time on it, they might say something like "we have a 2 week wait", say no worries, and leave the bike. A few weeks later they'll call up saying ain't nuffin wrong with it, go pick it up. Call back 2 days later, saying you know, it really is shaking bad, how about I drop it off again, maybe nicely ask to speak with the owner, nicely ask the owner to have his top tech guy look it over carefully, etc.

    Basically nicely work thru the lemon law requirements, so many weeks out of service since it was at the dealership, so many return trips for the same problem, etc.

    Once you have all the lemon law requirements met, then bring up the lemon law, get a lawyer involved, and get rid of the bike.

    I'd say you have a 90% chance of that working out, and a 1% change of KTM USA/Dealer really digging into your bike's problem and solving it.

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    Default Re: 2019 690 Enduro high frequency vibration in handlebars

    The only 690 feedback specific help I can provide is I just installed a BRP rubber mounted top clamp on my 2014 690 and it helped tremendously , much more than I expected . Yes , I am aware the 2014 motor is the older version . Now I will kudos and a bad review to two extremely different deals . First the good kudos …… A huge shout out goes to Central Florida Power Sports . They assembled , un locked and let me test ride a brand new 300 after they let me ride a brand new demo ( that didn't run anywhere like my new 300 , before the dunking ….documented on this forum ). They went over and above board and believed me when I told the demo ran just my dunked 300 ( we found out later it was dunked in Colorado in a KTM event ). The newly assembled bike ran perfectly btw. The dealer gave me a great trade -in purchase prices so I bought it on the spot . They even traded out all of my accessories and suspension to the new bike for free . Oh and KTM in $500 for my trouble ( but I'm excellent at negotiating as I don't get aggressive , mad or insulting ). The very horrible ……. Motorcycle Enthusiasts in Springhill ……….These guys are possibly the worst dealership ever......They had my dunked 300 twice after it was dunked . They claimed it ran perfectly twice ( the owner test rode it the second time , they said on the invoice that the bike " ran perfectly but the clutch is slipping ". If a 2019 bike with 20 hours has a slipping clutch why wouldn't you contact the owner of the bike and try to reconcile it ? Btw , the bike has a Rekluse and is easily recognizable by anyone that knows pretty much anything about them . I asked the owner and the mechanic ( I suggested they both we present as we discussed this "repair" bill ) if they knew what a Rekluse is and the mechanic responded that he had "installed hundreds of them " , the owner just nodded he head . I knew at this point we were done and just took my bike . I wound up contesting the credit card bill and won a full refund . BTW …...I have seen multiple bad reviews for this dealer get deleted on Yelp , so beware . Sorry for "hijacking " this thread a bit but I thought KTM USA and CFPS both deserved a huge shoutout and Motorcycle Enthusiasts deserved another $ss whipping .

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    Default Re: 2019 690 Enduro high frequency vibration in handlebars

    Have you found the cause yet ?

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    Default Re: 2019 690 Enduro high frequency vibration in handlebars

    My 2019 KTM 690 is very smooth - street or dirt. I also have scotts stabilizer w/ BRP submounts. No issues w/ vibrations.
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    Default Re: 2019 690 Enduro high frequency vibration in handlebars

    Has anyone mentioned the steering bearings? I recently replaced my 2016 Husqvarna engine with a 2018 690 Duke motor and that greatly reduced the vibration, but there was still more than I like. I adjusted the steering bearing and that made it even smoother. Someone did mention that the bike running lean will cause vibration, and that is true. You may need a Dyno-jet Power Commander.

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    Default Re: 2019 690 Enduro high frequency vibration in handlebars

    I feel you, I’ve had the same issue with my 2010 690 Duke causing pain in my wrist that lasted a couple weeks after a long trip. Did the Twisted Engineering bar seriously not help? What flex level bar is it? That was going to be my fix for riding it this year if I don’t sell it.

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    Default Re: 2019 690 Enduro high frequency vibration in handlebars

    I'm hoping that the OP comes back with an update. I bought a '14 690 Enduro a couple of days ago and would like to reduce the amount of vibration in the bars. I realize that these are two different generations and I have gotten a lot of ideas off of this thread already.

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    Default Re: 2019 690 Enduro high frequency vibration in handlebars

    I was looking to sell my 2014 690 enduro due to the vibration . Instead I installed the BRP rubber mounted handlebar system . It really cut down the vibration enough to make the bike a keeper .

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    Default Re: 2019 690 Enduro high frequency vibration in handlebars

    Any updates here? A couple things you can do: Install a Dirt Tricks cam chain tensioner. That will make the engine sound a lot better and it’ll smooth out some of the vibrations. It’ll also stop any oil seepage through the valve seals. Next, put spray insulation inside the handlebars. Also, bar weights will help.

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