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    Recently I have been having fuel issues. It's been crazy. One day, i feel lean, another day i'm rich. The fuel bowl level varying every time i look through the clear Lectron bowl. Carb innards totally rebuilt... same thing. I chased several theorys, yet, still was running out a full tank of fuel in less than 2 hours of slow riding. Each time, i bring it home and park it until a few days later. So today, I started several more process of elimination attempts. I decided to check the gas tank venting. Immediately i knew this was it. When I took the gas cap off, she was under extreme pressure. The one way check valve on the overflow hose was not breathing. All those days that I parked it to work on it later..... was allowing the pressure to equalize on the tank after a day or so. If i had only worked on it same day, this would have been easily discovered. Something so simple has caused so much grief for months. Moral of the story, if your fuel bowl level never seems to be the same, it's likely your venting. High fuel level and you run rich, low fuel bowl level and you run lean.

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    Yeah that check valve is bad news. I removed it from our Freeride last summer after chasing some runability issues.
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    Check the simplest stuff first.
    My uncle's favorite saying.
    Every time I start to diagnosis Anything, I hear his voice saying that.

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