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Thread: ISDE 2019 - coverage from Portugal

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    Quote Originally Posted by 300man View Post
    Thank you for taking the time to post the video and the updates!!
    It's been our pleasure. We'll sleep when we get on the flight home

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    Day 5 Video Recap

    The contrast between Day 5 and Day 1 is significant. Bikes are looking ragged, bodies are worn down, and if riders are not careful, their mental focus can become dulled which can result in trivial mistakes that may compromise their entire week. That is the essence of the "Six Days". It is not about one special test, or one particularly challenging transfer section, or one bobbled corner. It's the cumulative effect of six full days of racing that all adds up and begins to take a toll....the one mistake that cost you time in a transfer section, which resulted in you not being able to properly eat and drink at the next checkpoint, which then resulted in fatigue and a less than stellar special test, combined with the anticipation of the end of the day work period where you have to change two tires, replace your air filter, swap brake pads, lube your chain, or any other number of maintenance items, but do it all under 15 minutes and all by yourself! Then you go to bed, worrying about what you may have forgotten, or over analyzed your line choice in a special test and how you can do it better the next day. That nagging hot spot on your hand that has now become a huge blister, and you've still got several days and hundreds of miles racing yet to complete. The chafed butt, and the sore muscles, the leaky fork seal, the thought of having to do that dusty, rutted, choppy, silt-infested special test for the 5th time.....oh, and is my quiet insert still in my exhaust and is there going to be a random sound check at the end of the day which will cause me a penalty, and will my bike start on the start line the next morning. What about my teammate who had misfortune strike and is now out after a few days due to bike failure or injury?The list could go on and on, but this is the reality of the ever-compounding challenges of Six Days. Finishing is a huge accomplishment, let alone being competitive in your class. That is why Day 5 is such a milestone. New course and some new tests renew the spirit of the racers and towards the end of the day, their focus can start to shift towards conservation and just making it. Heavy overnight thunderstorms on Thursday night, left the ground saturated for the start of Friday Day 5. There were some new sections of transfer course, and two new special tests, one of which would be run 3 times for the day. Despite the overnight rain, the skies were clear and it looked to be a beautiful day. The early tests were saturated and muddy, especially the route back up the mountain to Marmelete. Riders and bikes were covered in mud when they came back down off the mountain to their first check point....and yet another run through the "Hotel" test. From there they headed to the new Morgado test. The dirt was near perfect for the trophy riders and early club riders in the morning. However, by mid-day, the cold north winds picked up again and even though riders had another muddy transfer section up and back down the mountain, the tests were already getting dry and dusty again by the second loop. End of Day 5, the US World Trophy and Women's Trophy sit in first place and Junior Trophy second, with the final moto occurring on Day 6.

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    A big thanks for all the hard work and effort so we can enjoy the event

    Best of luck

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    Congrats to Josh and the Knight family! Six days of racing in the books and a great result for Josh and his team! Thanks again for posting here and all the great video work. Your videos were excellent. Really gave me a added perspective and a deep look into what is the ISDE.

    Really great stuff!
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