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    Hello everyone.

    The title is correct. I am 73 years old and have been riding since 1964. I started on an Allstate Vespa that I bought for $329 at our locale Sears. Since then I have had too many bikes to count. My multi purpose experience has been limited to a Honda 350SL in the mid 70s.

    Currently I ride about 7000 miles a year. My 'stable' is all BMW. I have a K1200RS, (2) R1200Cs and a R1100R (built on my birthdate). I am thinking about picking up a K75 but haven't made up my mind.

    I am a factory trained BMW Master Mechanic and have been turning wrenches all my life, except for the three tours in Viet Nam.

    One of my clients just gave me the 1995 KTM 640. I haven't seen it yet but he has 5 bikes that I work on and they are all in above average shape. I know the 640 runs well and is a left hand kick start. That is about all I know about it.

    I have looked for more info but most places only list a 620 fr 1995. I know his is street legal but I don't know if it was manufactured that way or owner modified.

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    Welcome aboard, hope Iím still riding when I get to be 73, best of luck with your recent acquisition, keep us posted.

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    Hi newbie at 73, Iím a newbie at 72. My first bike in 1965 was a Montessa 250. My current ride which I recently acquired is a husaberg fx470e. I have miles of primitive dirt roads in northern Arizona to ride on.

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