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    Default Opinions on new trials bike brands -

    I am in the market for a new trials bike.
    i am leaning towards Sherco/Scorpa, Beta and GasGas.

    i have an opportunity to buy a leftover GG at a killer price but am concerned about parts availability given their current state.

    is this something to be concerned about or and I just wrong?

    seems like Sherco is most popular in my area.

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    Default Re: Opinions on new trials bike brands -

    Seems like you'll never get trials parts through typical brick-and-mortar moto shops, nor the major online retailers. So you're going to be buying from a specialty shop one way or another - local to you or not. If Sherco/Scorpa is popular in your area, maybe you'll stand a better chance of finding parts locally. But even if you have to buy online or over the phone, the major brands are well supported by at least a few shops throughout the U.S. and Canada.

    I've also been in the market, and as a former GG owner that's the brand I gravitate towards. But TRS and Sherco/Scorpa look great, and parts availability doesn't seem to be an issue. Beta isn't on my list just because of the wrong-side kicker. I've ridden them and it's really not a problem, but there are enough other options.

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    Default Re: Opinions on new trials bike brands -

    it also sounds like the ergos of Sherco are a bit longer- I am short.. can anyone provide Feedback on the peg to bar length on any bikes?
    while I understand that it isnít a MX bike, standing up on a long bike is tough

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    Default Re: Opinions on new trials bike brands -

    You might look at the new TRS xtrack for longer rides.
    I bought a Beta Evo 300 super smooth and love that itís designed more for the hobbyist than competition.
    Ill highly consider the xtrack for my next one though.
    2018 Husky TE 300

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    Default Re: Opinions on new trials bike brands -

    I own and have spent considerable time on most of them..

    The TRS, Scorpa and Beta are all top notch.. The Scorpa has the best engine power delivery IMO.. The TRS is better in the tight technical or continuous rocky terrain. The Beta is great everywhere as well..

    You can not go wrong with the TRS, Scorpa or Beta.. I would go with what dealer will give you the best deal. Gas Gas days are over IMO.. they were always quirky as well (owned many)

    Good luck hope this helps?

    We ride them all!!

    "THE KELS"

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    Default Re: Opinions on new trials bike brands -

    I would go with what's easier to get parts on/what the local mechanic likes to work on.
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