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    Well the weather was crap this weekend so it's a good time to bolt on bike goodies :-). This weekend I installed my TrailJammer Designs case guards, I've ran these guards on my past bikes and like the protection, fit and looks of the units on the bike...... and you know looks are important :-). The guards are made from an aluminum alloy and helps protect the clutch and stator covers from punctures if you crash on the trail, having a rock puncture a case is no fun! I look at these as insurance when I'm 700 miles from the truck on a long distance trip. The guards are installed on the bike with black RTV adhesive sealant.
    The guards ready to be installed. I ordered the black versions.

    With the cases cleaned and adhesive applied to the back of the guards they are placed on the bike and held in place with tape so the adhesive can set up.

    The next morning you can remove the tape and see the finished product. Fit's like a glove and looks great IMHO.

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    Nice; will they fit my Super Rat?
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