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Thread: A new bilge rat has crawled aboard

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    Default A new bilge rat has crawled aboard

    I'm currently building a 2006 450 EXC. Previously had a 2004 525, both plated. 525 got traded, regretted it almost immediately. I like the RFS engines.

    While back I got a deal on a trick "looking" 450 to use this winter, from a seemingly knowledgeable middle aged guy on craigslist, knowing it'd need minor work. The "previous owner things" quickly started appearing. It was sluggish, the rekluse clutch had no bite, and it smelled like burning oil without any smoke, but it rode decently enough for 1000 miles until it randomly got stuck in 3rd gear and wouldn't shift even with the detent working.

    So I limped it home and started digging a pit. I started with quarters and dimes, but quickly I realized this pit would need to be filled with at least 5s and 10s. I'd need to Keep Throwing Money

    Turns out, the piston and cylinder were hilariously fried. I think the previous owner tried to find TDC for valves with a screwdriver? There's a gouge about an inch long right in the middle of the Elko piston that was definitely not put there by me. Will provide pics if someone wants them, it's late while writing this though. I got a borescope after fixing the shift drum linkage and removing the rekluse, and seeing that is what prompted the teardown. Oil and blowby were pushing past PCV back into carburetor caused the smoke smell, and I'm sure the marred and pitted surface from Mr. Screwdriver couldn't help with knock if it got real hot. Also valve seals and guides were toast. Enough side to side play they'd push the seal open the opposite side. The exhaust valves were crusty.

    But overall the engine was in good shape? I degreased everything, split cases, checked clearances on all the bearings etc. Seems to have had the crank bearings replaced before as they are very tight and the cases have clearly been split. No play(like .2mm) at the rod end for the rod bearings and the wrist pin bearing still had cross hatching, tight. 113hrs I believe? Should I trust the person who crimped brake light switches into the harness? Transmission, clutch basket, gear lash is all tight and everything is torqued. Didn't see any marring/chips/wear on any gear surfaces either, all seems to be in good usable shape.

    So naturally I got a 570 kit, hot cams, cam chain, new valves, guides, springs, retainers. Since parking it in my garage mid September I've rebuilt the: engine, wiring harness, painted frame, stem bearings, front forks, rear shock, swingarm, 18/21 wheel bearings, steering stabilizer, carburetor, and a lot more that I can't remember offhand. Got cush Behr 17s and a big brake kit once the knobbies come off. Rear handbrake and subcage in the works for the goal of track beater/stunt bike. What's the consensus on oil coolers? I've got a radiator fan and cush hub but even with the increased load on the transmission should I be worried about oil temps?

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    Default Re: A new bilge rat has crawled aboard

    Welcome to the site. Good luck on getting her up to par. Have a good day
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