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Thread: 2020 Fe 350?

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    Smile 2020 Fe 350?

    Anyone had a chance to ride the 2020 FE 350 non-dual sport? Hoping for ride report
    '17 300 xcw
    '15 350 sxf
    '12 350 xcfw

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    Default Re: 2020 Fe 350?

    I just picked one up but have not ridden it yet. Hopefully next weekend. I'm coming off a 2017 TE 300 w/Rekluse, so it may take a few rides to learn how to operate a 4-stroke with a manual clutch.

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    Default Re: 2020 Fe 350?

    2018 Husky TE 300

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    I took the 2020 FE 350 for its first ride this past Sunday. This isn't really a true ride report as it was a break-in ride and not representative of what the bike is really capable of. As noted above, I'm coming off a 2017 TE 300 with a Rekluse. My 300 also had MX Tech Lucky fork internals.

    My single track woods section is about 8 miles in length and we did 31.2 miles total. The trail is pretty tight and we average about 12 to 15 MPH. The fastest guy in our group, Denny, is an ex A-level enduro rider and it takes him 35 minutes to cover the 8 miles. I'm a B level rider and it takes me 38 or so. We've had a lot of rain lately and the trail was 100% covered in leaves. Just finding the trail was problematic. On this initial ride, I was much slower on the 350 than my old 300. I chalk this up to me, not the bike.

    Starting: It was 35 degrees and the bike fired right up first time. Every time. If you stall the bike, it will only start with the throttle completely closed. So let's say you brake-slide into a corner and accidentally stall it. On the carb'd TE 300, you hit the button and handful of gas and you can recover quickly. On the 350, the fuel injection takes a second to let her start before you can grab a handful of gas. Not a problem, just something different to get used to.

    Power: The 350 is not as snappy as the 300 and does not have the same low end torque right off idle. I can do little power wheelies over trail trash with ease on the 300. Not so much on the 350. What the 350 does have is a smooth, strong, mile-wide powerband. Just let her rev and you'll be happy.

    Map1, Map 2 & Traction Control: Given the leaves on the ground I could not tell much difference between the maps or with TC.

    Flame out / Stalling: After 10 years on bikes with a Rekluse (plus 30 years on bikes before Rekluse), I had to re-train my left hand to use the clutch lever. I did stall the bike quite a bit. Mostly operator error on my part. If you are at vey low revs and you let out the clutch without the throttle open, she will stall. In the same scenario but with an opening of the throttle, she'll pull right through. For now, I'll try to get back to being a real clutch guy. I'll also try turning the idle up a little as I hear that solves the stalling issue for many people.

    Rekluse & Riding Style: It turns out that the Rekluse in the 300 will transfer over to the 350 with a few extra parts. I know the Rekluse will get me back to my old riding style, which is "leave the clutch lever alone unless you need/want a burst of power."

    Seat Height: Noticeably lower than the TE-300. I only have a 30 inch inseam and its pretty easy to get a leg over on the FE350.

    Suspension: The new Explorer forks are good right out of the box. I think some playing with clickers and oil height is all most folks would need. I softened up both compression and rebound after about 10 miles. We have some pine sections with lots of exposed roots. The forks handled these okay, but nowhere near as good as my MX Tech Lucky forks. The rear end felt great. I weigh 200 pounds and I had to go up one spring rate on my old 300. I think the 350 is fine as is. I need some faster, drier conditions to really tell, but initial impressions are that springs are not a "must do" right out of the box. The 2020 bikes have softer springs and firmer damping and this new combination along with the new rear linkage work really well.

    Ergos: She is slim. Slimmer than the '17 TE 300. I tend to grip the tank with my knees. After 2 years I wore through the TE-300's factory graphics. I don't think I'll be gripping the 350 as much, but even if I do, there are no graphics in the knee area, just white plastic.

    Oil Leak: The bike was delivered with a minor oil leak. The tiny plug at the tip of the cam chain tensioner assembly had a hair line crack from the factory. I carried spare oil and checked it often, but it never lost enough to change the sight glass. Sure made a mess. A new plug and O-ring are on the way.

    Weight: I did not weigh her, but she feels similar to the 300, both on the trail and picking her up.

    Mileage: It took .78 of a gallon to go 31.2 miles, which works out to 40 MPG

    Sound: The bike is quiet, and I like that. Not Lexus quiet, but not Harley noisy. The FE does not have the rear screen on the muffler like the pure street legal bikes. For the areas where I ride (near civilization) I see no reason to change the pipe or end cap. Loud bikes just makes enemies. There was zero deceleration popping.

    Smog Equipment: She has the same evaporations canister in the head tube as the street legal bike. I'll probably take it off eventually, but there's no hurry. It doesn't hurt performance and it only weighs a few ounces.

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    Default Re: 2020 Fe 350?

    '17 300 xcw
    '15 350 sxf
    '12 350 xcfw

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