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Thread: 85 clutch dragging

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    Default 85 clutch dragging

    2019 with 45 hours. I noticed this weekend that he stalled it a couple of times when he put it in gear. I got on the bike and found that the clutch is dragging with the lever pulled all the way in. In neutral on the stand, the rear wheel will start to spin when revving the bike, more than in used to.

    There's no adjustment for this on the stock clutch, correct? Does that mean it's time for a new clutch pack? If so, what brands are you guys using that works well?


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    Default Re: 85 clutch dragging

    Check that a tab off the clutch lock washer has not snapped off. Itís very common and it can become lodged in behind plates not allowing clutch to fully disengage. It happened on our Ď19 at 40hrs and gave exact symptoms you describe.

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    Default Re: 85 clutch dragging

    It does have an internal adjustment, but at 45hrs depending on rider may be time for a new clutch pack. We usually get about 40hrs out of ours. When apart you can also look and see if the basket is grooved. No aftermarket baskets for these bikes. Gear and basket are integrated like the big bikes.
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    Default Re: 85 clutch dragging

    Pulled it apart, clutch looks good and no grooves in the basket. I also bled the slave cylinder to ensure there was no air in the line. Made no difference.
    I adjusted the clutch lever all the way out and that helped a lot, but now it's a bit far out for them.
    I've always run 75wt gear oil in it, I'm going to try the recommended 15w50 to see if a lighter oil will help. I'm also switching to ASV F4 levers to see if we can get a better adjustment out of it for him.

    I just found the internal adjustment in the service manual, I'm going to take a look at that tomorrow and measure the clutch pack as well.

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    Default Re: 85 clutch dragging

    Itís completely normal for the clutch to drag a little bit, even when itís new. X amount of hrs on a clutch mean nothing, itís all about how much the kid rides the clutch on corner exits. More so when the kid is slow in mud. My kid can get 100-150hrs on a clutch while other kids his speed can only get 30hrs. Stinky gear oil usually means the kid is using the clutch a lot, but does not mean itís time to change a clutch. From my experience, the 85 clutch is solid and can take a lot of abuse before it needs to really be changed. But then again, most moto dads change parts waaaaaay before itís really needed. so, whatever

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    Default Re: 85 clutch dragging

    Pulled everything apart again. Measured each disc, all of the fibers measured right at 2mm. The 2 outer steel were 1mm, all of the inner ones were 1.28 - 1.31mm with the exception of one at 1.5mm. The spec range is 1.3 - 1.5mm. The entire clutch pack measured at 24.4mm, spec is >23.3mm.
    Soaked the plates in 15w50 oil as the manual specs. Reassembled everything and messed with the settings on the spring. Stock was set at 2, I went to 1 and the clutch drag was worse. I went to 3 and it seemed the same as 2.

    I then changed the hydraulic oil in the clutch using a vacuum pump. Fresh oil, no air bubbles, no change.

    It's the same as when I started. I put the bike on the ground and shifted into 1st and the bike stalled on me twice. With the clutch pulled in and revving the bike, you can feel it want to pull forward a little. I'm at a loss right now and we have a race this weekend. Plus I don't have time to get any parts due to the holiday.

    I'm really hoping Munn will have their truck out there and can take a look at it. Fortunately it's still rideable.

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    Default Re: 85 clutch dragging

    Same for my son's 2014 woods bike. I'm using 5W-40 Rotella syn and it helped a little, but I've just accepted that it will drag until the bike gets hot. Then it seems to go back to normal.

    A friend gave me a Rekluse slave cylinder that he purchased as a mistake so I just threw it on. It really improved clutch feel, and it lets you adjust the throw with a screwdriver. Beautifully machined piece.
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    Default Re: 85 clutch dragging

    I'm still fighting with it. I just put on a new pressure plate and it didn't help. You can see the pressure plate move up and there's a gap between it and the clutch plates when the lever is pulled it. I have the lever adjusted out as far as I can where he can still reach it, but it's certainly not optimal. With the bike on the ground in 1st with the clutch pulled in, you can see the bike rock forward when you rev it.

    I'm really starting to dislike hydraulic clutches.

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    Default Re: 85 clutch dragging

    Put in a new clutch pack today and still no better. I went back and removed 2 of the 1.3mm steel plates and replaced them with the 1mm steel plates out of the old clutch. That made a huge difference, clutch feels much better now. We are going to run it like that tomorrow and see how it holds up. I don't like this configuration because it's out of spec, but it's the only thing I can get to work right now.
    If the issue returns, it's getting a full Hinson or Rekluse clutch.

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    Default Re: 85 clutch dragging

    The only other issue I have seen besides the outer pressure plate cracking is the rubber diaphragm in slave cylinder starting to disintegrate causing it not to move as much as it should. Also seen the slave bolts come loose but that was on a '15. Both caused similar issue. Also make sure lever is adjusted for proper throw.........

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