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Thread: 85 clutch dragging

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    Slave cylinder appears to be ok. I removed it and checked the diaphragm and it wasn't leaking or cracked at all. It moved freely and felt good.
    With the clutch cover off, just a couple mm of pull on the lever and you can see the pressure plate start to move and it completely moves up off the plates.
    Still had issues with it this weekend, it stalled on him a couple of times when braking for corners. He uses 2 fingers on the clutch and had the other 2 still gripping the bar. Since he couldn't pull the lever all the way to the bar, it wouldn't disengage enough and stall. He started grabbing it with all 4 fingers and didn't have another issue. He shouldn't have to do that.
    I have the lever adjusted as far out as I can for him to comfortably reach it. Keep in mind, for the first 45 hours on this bike we had the clutch lever adjusted in much more than we do now to compensate for this issue. I'm at a loss and very frustrated with it. I'm going to end up spending far more money that I should have to at this point on it.

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    At this point, I'm ready to set this damn bike on fire. I hate it.
    Kid rode Sunday and it wasn't any better. Saturday I changed the oil and went back to Maxima 75wt just to see and no difference.
    I decided to replace everything. Got it in today. I replaced the inner hub, the lock washer, pressure plate, the ring on top of it, the spring, thrust washer, and all 6 sleeves that the steel plates ride on.
    Put it all in, measured each clutch plate again and verified none were warped, new plates now have 2 rides on them, and still no different. The bike has an entirely new clutch minus the basket and the basket is perfect. No grooves in it. I'm lost on where to go next and now I'm pissed.

    With the clutch cover off, just bumping the lever you can see the pressure plate start to move. Pull it all the way in and the pressure plate moves away from the discs leaving a gap. I can spin it by hand and feel a good amount of drag. Now with the lever still pulled in, I can grab the discs in the basket and move them out just a hair towards the pressure plate and the drag is decreased significantly when spinning it by hand. Unfortunately I'm unable to do this with the bike running.

    It seems that even though the pressure plate is lifting off, the discs aren't separating enough to slip properly. Like they are sticking together.

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    So a couple questions, you may have answered early but I just missed.

    Is the clutch lever extended out and not next to the bar?

    is this happening when the engine is hot?

    Does it stall when engine revved, or at idle?

    Whats idle it?

    Offroad or moto riding?
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    The clutch lever is pulled in all the way to the bar if that's what you're asking.

    Yes, it happens even when the engine is hot. After a 20 minute moto it acts the exact same as when it's cold.

    It stalls at idle.


    I messed with it some more tonight. I pulled all of the plates out again and lightly sanded the steel plates with 600 grit sand paper. That seems to have helped, but it's still not right.
    Messing with it, I put the bike in first and let it idle. After about 5-7 seconds, the clutch drags more and starts to bog down the engine. A blip of the throttle frees it up and you can feel the tension release. Let it come back down to an idle and after a few seconds you can feel it start pulling again.

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