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Thread: What forks/ triples fit older frames (2000)?

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    Default What forks/ triples fit older frames (2000)?

    Hi all,
    I'm toying with the idea of swapping in a set of new forks/ triples to my '00 200EXC. Does anyone know if the new triples will just slide in? I've heard of people replacing their forks with Showa's as well- are they also drop-in? My hope would be to just take off the upper stem nut, drop the old forks, and slip in new ones. It's never that easy though, right? I'm aware of changing offsets, etc, and will need a new matching front wheel to go with the different sized axle. Thanks, Kyle

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    Default Re: What forks/ triples fit older frames (2000)?

    I put a set of 2006 Billet KTM450SMR clamps and 2019 KTM Xplor forks on my 04 200. It has worked out great!

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    Default Re: What forks/ triples fit older frames (2000)?

    Very nice. They just bolted up, no problem? Stock size bearings were good? Kyle

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    Default Re: What forks/ triples fit older frames (2000)?

    yes everything went in fine on my 2004. the only thing I had to do was get the 2019 wheel spacers and I was able to use my stock wheels with the small axle that the late model fork uses

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    Default Re: What forks/ triples fit older frames (2000)?

    Looks like spacers for pre-'03 are a little harder to find- gotta keep looking. Man, be so much easier just to replace the darn bike! lol. Kyle

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    Default Re: What forks/ triples fit older frames (2000)?

    You could always get a later model wheel as well

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    Default Re: What forks/ triples fit older frames (2000)?

    Most up to around 08 will prob bolt right on. Pick a fork you want in that era, check the triple clamp offset you want and start looking at part numbers. The 04 and up will give you more wheel options. Find someone parting out that year bike and buy the whole front end.

    You could always go the route we went with one of our '00 builds, '99 WP 50mm extremes, backwards in time, but better than the 43mm IMO. The front wheel options are limited, but we make spacers and replace bearings/seals to fit the newer wheels. ('04-'20)
    1999 300 MXC
    1999 250 EXC

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    Default Re: What forks/ triples fit older frames (2000)?

    My hope would be to grab a full front end from a part-out and have been looking. Having the years nailed down really helps. I've heard the '14-ups are better than the 08's but that's just what I was told.
    Thought about a new wheel too, but man are they pricey! Even used they're several hundred. I'm thinking unless I find a good deal somewhere I'll save my pennies and do motor work or get riding lessons...the last one will make me faster than forks, probably! Kyle

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    Default Re: What forks/ triples fit older frames (2000)?

    So I was doing a little looking at the parts fiche's and it looks like the D dimensions of upper triples are the same across my '00, an '06, and an '09 at 20mm. Other dimensions look similar as well- can anyone help fill out the table below? If so a set of newer forks may slip into my triples as-is.
    The reason I was really looking was to see if Mako 360's would fit. Any insight on that front?

    Fork Dia 43
    U Tpl X 20
    U Tpl D 54
    U Tpl P# 59001034020
    Superceded by 59001034120
    L Tpl X 20
    L Tpl D 57
    L Tpl P# 59001132020
    Superceded by 59001132220
    Stem L 244

    Fork Dia 48
    U Tpl X 20
    U Tpl D 54
    U Tpl P# 59001034120
    Superceded by 59001234020
    L Tpl X
    L Tpl D ?
    L Tpl P# 59001132120
    Superceded by 59001232020
    Stem L 244

    Fork Dia ?
    U Tpl X ?
    U Tpl D 54
    U Tpl P# 5940103401930
    Superceded by -
    L Tpl X 19
    L Tpl D ?
    L Tpl P# 7800103201930
    Superceded by -
    Stem L ?

    Thanks! Kyle

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    Default Re: What forks/ triples fit older frames (2000)?

    Thank you KTM, for making upgrades so easy! I'm in the process of revamping my 2000 200EXC with, at the moment, a new front end. The bike is getting forks and triples from an '09 250SXF, and the entire assembly literally directly replaced my stock stuff. The bar clamps are even at the same spacing and use the same bolt, so I can reuse my 7/8" Phoenix bars! Which should mean that Mako 360 clamps would fit the '00 upper triple, too!
    I bought an '09 caliper from the same bike as well...but my stocker fits the new forks perfectly. Even my '00 fender bolted right up like it was made to be there- the front number plate would've but my wrap-around guards are in the way. The bolt lines up as it should though, and trimming the plate a little bit would fix that issue. Even the lower fork guards bolt on. I'll get new ones though, since the clearance between the upper tubes and the guards is very, very tight. Aside from a new, larger axle the front end is totally swappable between bikes. The '09 shock the bike has was just as easy, and the cylinder would change too if my wallet was thicker. So awesome.
    Thinking about it, since the '00 fender fit the '09 (which is '03-'12, I'm told) front end and Polisport makes an adapter to mount a '16 fender to '09 triples, shouldn't a new fender and mask fit the old bikes, too? I may do that facelift, not sure yet.


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