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Thread: 51 year old Fart

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    Default 51 year old Fart

    First dual sport was 6 years ago,1978 Suzuki TS250, sold that bought a 1986 Suzuki Dakar DR600, sold that and bought a 2002 Suzuki DRZ400e, sold that and recently bought a 2014 KTM 500 exc, think Iím done.

    2019-12-30_09-04-07 by Rob Ert, on Flickr

    Love living on Vancouver Island, ride all year round. Off to Moab for the first time in May, good to be alive.

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    You are still young , nice bike btw . Im 65 and I ride with a 78 year old and an 85 year old , both on 525's . My goal was to ride until I was 70 , these guys have raised the bar a bit , huh ?

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    Yes azr,you are just a puppy.Get on that bike and ride the wheels off of it.Then take every last dime you can get your hands on and buy a brand new bike and repeat.This show will be over sooner than you think.i am a 62 year old buck who don't give a ####!

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    Default Re: 51 year old Fart

    IMG_20200112_140338 by Rob Ert, on Flickr

    IMG_20200112_114229 by Rob Ert, on Flickr

    You guys are giving me hope for some years to come.

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