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Thread: How / Where can I ask opinions on bike value?

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    Default How / Where can I ask opinions on bike value?

    Been a LONG time since I've been here. Always found the forum to be helpful an knowledgeable.

    I have finally arrived at the age where I'm retiring my two wheel ways. Actually I've been there for a while now, just coming around to admitting it!

    Anyways, the forum structure is totally different than it used to be, and I don't really want to get flamed for posting one of those "whats my bike worth" threads in the wrong place or if they are even allowed.

    I'e been out of riding for a long time and really have no idea about such things these days. I have a 625SMC and just don't see any around for sale to get a bearing on what it might be worth.

    Point me in the right direction if able!

    Thanks everyone.
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    Default Re: How / Where can I ask opinions on bike value?

    KBB- Kelley blue book is what some go by not real good with bikes but gives you an idea.
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    Default Re: How / Where can I ask opinions on bike value?

    go to the section that pertains to your bike, and post away.

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